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  1. False!


    Seychelles become that Seychelles because of mass vaccination, as Gibraltar.

    There were no tourists when the vaccination campaigns began and the cases of positivity increased. 

    This is the same story happened in Thailand.

    it is useless for the hysterical media system and loudmouthed politicians to blame the tourists because this is absolutely false.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Bkk Brian said:

    8,656 positive cases today with 73 of those from prisons, 80 more deaths. Thailand in crisis, ICU's and critical bed shortage at record levels and no end in sight yet to this increasing spread of the virus. Just about everyone here must now be hoping that the measures in place will start to kick in soon but the reality is that looking at other countries ravaged by delta this is going to be a very long and painful haul back to normality.


    Rolling 7 day average (up to 10th July only) which includes prison cases and bar chart of community cases.


    data 12 july.png

    data 12 july 2.png


    Vaccine graphic?


    Why were there few cases before February 28, but after February 28 they increased exponentially?

  3. I am Italian and I can tell you that the Italians charge when the opponent proves to be arrogant and cocky, just as the English behaved in this competition.


    This was the main reason for your defeat and our victory.

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