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  1. Lets hope for the sake of business owners, employees and the people of Thailand these guys for once in this Covid mess get it right, PM says no quarantine then says 1 night etc etc! does he not realise what he is saying and this is absolutely typical of Thai officials. They continually contradict themselves day in and day out which sends the wrong message to people interested in coming to Thailand and makes them look totally inadequate & incompetent. So Mr PM no more quarantine does not mean 1 day so if that's what its going to be then say that right from the start then tourist won'
  2. Its amazing how discriminating these people are towards foreigners, they want them to come, they want their money, they need their money but they just have to keep sticking the knife into foreigners at any opportunity they get. Has this this guy got a brain or a conscience, Thailand is riddled with corrupt Thais & practices and its understandable that they don't want the same from imports but be a little intelligent and sensitive to what they announce to the global media!
  3. The interviewed people were most likely government workers and others from non tourist related industries that do not depend on tourist income to feed themselves and their families!!!
  4. Absolutely so true, I am watching the Joe Ferrari case as there is obviously a bunch of others in higher placers involved so lets see if he actually is the sacrificial lamb or he takes down some of the rest. If he was a Farang he would already be sentenced with a guilty verdict!!!
  5. New Zealand, one of the lowest Covid infected countries not on the list or did I miss it?? Also Australia, the 3rd largest visitor country to Koh Samui!!
  6. I was going to say the same in a post I did to this topic but reframed, what you say is so true!!!
  7. Another unrealistic Thai person in a place of authority that has tunnel vision and no idea what the attraction Thailand is to foreigners. The mixture of upmarket & budget hotels, restaurants and bars sort of caters to a wide cross section of tourists so take out the bars and nightlife and you will loose the vibe that people often come here for. Tourists generally don't come to Thailand for high end shopping sprees, they come for fun and whilst I rarely partake in the bar scene I see these venues as critical for Thai tourism now and in the future. This sector also employs many Thai staff an
  8. What is this guy smoking, unbelievable. Sure no country wants foreign criminals but given the state of Thai offenders not prosecuted for whatever reasons I strongly suggest cleaning up the backyard first starting with corrupt officials. Foreigners see what's going on in Thailand with officials so try their luck, they would never do this in Singapore!!!
  9. His visit will lower the IQ of the region significantly!!
  10. Well that is somewhat of an improvement despite all the wingers on here, I reckon some of them would complain if you gave them $1000.00 and asked them to spend it wisely! Move on people, stop being so bloody negative!
  11. beauty & the beast, one look at this guy and who would trust him enough to vote for him!!
  12. Why would Thai tourism particularly want Chinese tourists, they really don't know who the tourists are that spend real money while in Thailand do they!!!
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