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  1. The probable issue is your actions match a "mule" account for laundering money and thats most likely what the hold up is. They are cracking down on this since the beginning of this year. You took money from someone else with the intent to let them "use" your account intending on forwarding the money on to a third party, that seems sketchy. Even though you never finished the transaction to the Russian you and the American alerted the police of what you were intending on doing. Thats money laundering in a vague sense. You can claim all day you are innocent and never did the transaction but the first half match a "mule" account. Every illegal caught claims they are innocent but most arent. You may be and your best defense is all the documentation available to show what the intent was why it happened why it was stopped and that the american agrees since it was his money and the burden is on him to prove he sent you legal money. It will cost a load of money if you to go thru court if you cant get the lawyer to sit with you the american and the police to straighten it all out.
  2. NST has a Krungsri Bank a few KM from the imm office on the same road. That office is one of easiest and better offices to deal with.
  3. Krungsri Bank should open an acct with the stamp in passport and proof of an address. They are very accommodating and when there's any question they call the main branch in Bkk to confirm. What you were told at whatever bank you went to is bs
  4. as if it isnt bad enough that the police appear to have taken no action or very little since January, 5 months now, the policeman holding the swords shouldnt be smiling and laughing in the picture after someone was killed
  5. In the past E visa system typically requested copies of all stamped pages for the last 12 months unless something has changed. I know they have made a couple other changes, not sure if that's still required
  6. I never said it doesnt happen and have seen it myself. this is hardly a polite forum and hasn't been for years. Bob has a habit of creating fictious stories like this about himself doing this. When a real one from someone happens in front of him his ability to understand and comment is inhibited, insulated or confused.
  7. is it a diesel? I have had that happen with my diesel because the exhaust was blowing into a shop and the smell was really bad.
  8. its tough being you isnt bob. spin a tail of bs and then cant comment to someone calling you out on it in the way you want to? You never answered the question though. Didnt you show him your Folex watch so he could see you an equal? Or was it the matter that a "geezer" who's only 40 out did your for real old geezer position?
  9. it was just a question for clarity about the 60 day extension. I never said anything about changing status of being married or getting a divorce just whether it would affect you work permit. thanks for clarifying and for adding the unnecessary info
  10. It sounds like one of your bs stories. Im surprised, did you give yourself a fake name. After all the bs you've slung on here some bloke appears to have one upped you for the pauper you are and it hurt your feelings? DId you show him your Folex watch?
  11. are you allowed a work permit by using the 60 extension to visit the wife? It sounds like he already has a work permit and doesnt want to lose it.
  12. Your thinking is all off base because your throwing out what if scenarios rather than sticking with facts
  13. Yep but you have to start somewhere and all the corruption has been decades in tge making and will not be stopped a just a few years. Things started to change in some areas during covid and sign of change are all around, much to tge dismay of the older expat community that's wants the freedom of the past without the cost but constantly complain about infrastructure or changes to lifestyle. Can't have both unfortunately.
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