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  1. Is it? My presumption was that it was just a polite way of saying freelancers
  2. A risky career, meeting a lot of people, 47 cases This one keeps going up! Was 27 of these kind of cases yesterday. The odds of catching covid for those farangs that are continuing to enjoy the services of girls must be getting shorter every single day in Pattaya - unless of course they are quick enough to only need less than a fleeting encounter with them.
  3. Lockdowns also kill people due to poverty and other conditions such as suicide. I'd expect an increase in preventable deaths due to a combination of covid and lockdown measures. Even those who are dying on the streets that are testing positive are unlikely to be getting enough nutritional food in their bodies to be able to deal with Covid as easily as someone who can afford to eat properly. I'm getting increasingly concerned that there is still no indication from this government that any financial support is going to be offered to those who have lost their incomes due to lock
  4. First world problems. "Covid vaccines ‘thrown away as not enough people coming forward" https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-vaccine-dumped-waste-b1890118.html
  5. A lot of the rules are stupid though and do not deserve to be respected or enforced which is part of the problem. I find myself breaking the law on a regular basis. Just today for example I was headed to the shops with my gf in her car and forgot to put my mask on during the drive there. Later we will have wine with our meal which will mean breaking another law. I also went out for a run earlier and yes, my mask was below my mouth so I could get oxygen on several occasions - another law broken. If the stupid rules were removed and just the sensible ones kept, then peop
  6. I’m curious. What serious measures would you implement to change the course of the virus now it is up to 15K per day? What do you want the authorities to do that you think will actually make a difference at this stage?
  7. You could apply the same logic to closing parks and how joggers now have to huff and puff alongside other people walking on the streets instead of the open spaces in the parks, but it did not stop the parks being closed. Besides, it doesn't matter over here if the measures in place make it worse, the important thing is that there is a perception of something being done so people feel safer even if they are actually less safe. If the measures do actually make it worse you can state with confidence that without the measure there "might" have been even more cases and that is nor
  8. From here in the contact tracing bit: https://thepattayanews.com/2021/07/25/chonburi-announces-record-breaking-high-of-795-cases-of-covid-19/ Risky occupation, meeting a lot of people - 27 cases Presumably this isn't just the one very busy girl that has infected 27 customers, but many girls infecting many customers?
  9. You seem to have missed out this part from the link you provided: Victoria's COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar said transmission of the virus at the MCG most likely happened when the positive case went to the bar or the toilet.
  10. Partly joking. I've always said that closing OUTDOOR spaces to allow people to socialise was a foolish thing to do as people would do it anyway but indoors in smaller unventilated spaces, and tho and behold, this is exactly what has been happening. Quelle surprise.
  11. Elevators in Condos. I'd close them all down at this point. Would also ensure that people only leave them when absolutely necessary.
  12. 9th April - Bars ordered closed in Chonburi and no alcohol to be served in restaurants. Number of cases = 34 25th July after 3 months of these measures. Number of cases = 795 Any explanation as to why these measures have made the situation so much worse?
  13. It's confusing the way it is reported. Take this example: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/23/delta-variant-pfizer-covid-vaccine-39percent-effective-in-israel-prevents-severe-illness.html Israel say its only 39% effective but still prevents severe illness, whereas UK says it is 88% effective at preventing "symptomatic disease"
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