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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will ask for colonoscopy when I see the specialist next. The last one was done here at Chula and I was pretty happy with their services (the doc who did the examination came out and talked to me, in good English, at my bedside when I was recuperating). About thyroid panel, that's new to me...As I hit 70 my health is on a downward slope due to environment, stress and moving to hostile Samut Prakan only exacerbates the negatives. it's been a long while since I had a decent check up (2017 during my trip back to the US!) so choosing a health check package will be next in line...A suggestion in this regard would be very helpful!
  2. You're correct. No blood test. Saw doc at the after hours clinic in Chula. He poked a finger through my sphincter and told me to try to poo. (I had told him earlier my feeling of the sphincter just tight shut.) His finding was that it's acting the reverse, closing while it should be opening. Thus the problem to defecate. So made another appointment with a specialist for some bio-feedback (?) to "train" the sphincter to get back to acting normally. That wlll be in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I was sent home with several bottles of Emulax (milk of magnesia) mild laxatives. Doc has also looked in my record at the result of the last colonoscopy there and said it looks fine. Maybe do another one next year (a 5 yr interval.) [in the meantime, this might be helpful to some folks...Since this weekend I have started taken the Thai medicine Tripala (a combo of 3 herb ingredients) - 2 tsp before bed time - and that has helped with "churning" the stomach to prepare for excavation. It seems to produce results, ie I was able to excavate some what, but still have stomach gas.]
  3. Thanks for the link. However I'm more geared to the public hospitals which @kbb said he mostly goes to:
  4. In case you are in Bangkok, which hospital do you go for these?
  5. Definitely. Thanks for the recommendation and for sharing your own situation. Would like to get update of the results of your tests. Hope they both come out clear!
  6. Are we talking about the same hospital? Because according to Google, there's another " It’s worth noting that Sirinthorn Hospital is also known as Dr. Sirinthorn Teerayanont, and it seems to be a part of the Mission Hospital organization." And "There is also a Sirindhorn Hospital in Bangkok, located on Soi Onnut 90, Prawet sub-district, Prawet district, Bangkok 10250 Thailand." The one I mentioned in my OP is the latter (the one IN PRAWET zip 10250) Actually quite a lot lately... my partner's Mom having chemo there at the moment. I myself saw a doctor there last April, like all the docs that I have seen working there during the day, she was a young intern - and her English was non-communicable. Moreov every time mom was seen by a doc, it was always by an alarmingly young intern. When I went there last April for a bad case of respitory problem, even though we deliberatedly chose afternoon, there was no after hour/special clinic. And I was sent away with a prescription that featured no antibiotic for cure. So it's all hopeless for me. Therefore if the one you went to is the one IN PRAWET I am really curious how you got to be seen by (what sounds like ajarn ie prof) doctors with "better English"! If you could give me info how to get to one, I would appreciate it very much, it's only a 15 min taxi drive away... Thanks.
  7. That was also my kinda premonition...This is how my day unfolded: 1) 8 am - I checked first thing this morning with Mission Hospital. Dr. Nick is on a month-long vacation (lucky guy) and will be back next month. So I decided to go to Chula Memorial (instead of St. Louis), just by the good experience I had at Chula with my colonoscopy/endoscopy there in 2020. 2) 9pm -Just got home from a grueling day going to Chula Memorial in Silom. Was sent away to come back tomorrow, reason they needed to update my passport info, the one they had on file, from last colonoscopy, had expired - and I didn't think that far enough to have brought along the new passport! btw, to prepare myself to be seen tomorrow (after 5pm appointment) is it okay to have breakfast at 8am and nothing afterward ( a 9 hr span) so I will be good for a blood test if called for?
  8. Thank you Sheryl for your input. Much appreciated as always.
  9. I've been browsing older threads and found your recommendation of DR.THANAKORN HARNSOMBURANA at St Louis hospital in Silom. Am thinking of going to see him instead of Dr. Walter since 1) a specialist 2) closer to home. ??
  10. Age 70 Last colonoscopy 2020 just before the onset of covid I have tried everything prunes, tripala, fitne tea, enama (seems to be the only one that worked) Recently the stool came out hard, pellet form even though my diet is lots of fruit and veggie. Used to do number two 2,3 times a day. I'm suspecting nerve problem in the lower lumbar area, had diskectomy 2004 , L4 - L5 region. The sphinter seems shut tight.
  11. I've been having stomach problems: bloated, difficulties with bathroom no 2, having to use enemas the last couple of times just to get it out. It's been a couple of weeks so time for me to pay a visit to the doctor. In my area the go-to public hospital is Sirindhorn hospital in Prawet but from what I've seen/experienced you will be see by very young doctors in training and English communications is not workable. I'm seeking recommendatiosn of not for profit (ie low-cost) private hospitals in the area, since I will be paying cash. Any recommendation? If not in BangNa then elsewhere in Bangkok? Plan B is I will go to Mission Hospital and see Dr. Nick Walters, he's a family physician, not a specialist, but I had good experience with him eons ago when I was living in Bangkok.
  12. Just finished my fed return with OLT. My impression: slow as nail and tedious as myself. At times feels kinda decrepit, like you're on IV or something. In short perfect for seniors (not to mention the huge print!) Filed half past noon and Fed accepted return before 1pm. Hooray. Thank you guys for the recommendation. Much appreciated. Some lowdowns: 1) For Fed it did 1040SR and Schedule B, plus SS benefits worksheet. 2) I didn't do State as I used my Thai address (kinda tricky to put it all in, info got chopped left and right you just have to edit till it looks good on the final form.) 3) No phone number "needed" in the sense that OLT did not do phone verification. Though it did ask for a phone number just in case for contact...
  13. here's the part where OLT asks for phone number (it has an asterisk attached) - though I guess we can just make up a phony one as they are not going to use it to send verification code.
  14. I agree, and that Bic C was a godsend after the ordeal. But "nothing good is gonna last forever..." btw, after my 1st year at Samut Prakan the original, I LONGED for Chaeng Wattana, and that's saying something!
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