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  1. You would be astonished by the amount of foreigners who are ready to send 500 Euro to a girl/woman who claims to be a friend and maybe promise them "Eternal love" whilst they are waiting for them to come to Thailand and marry. Mostly Arabs and south-European foreigners (Turkish). I've read an article in a local paper read by many woman which say that making money is very easy and publishing the details how to do it. Woman/girls in a lot of meeting sites and social media (Line, WhatsApp, etc.) are using this technique to fill their bank account and get a lot of
  2. When is the public reconstruction of the crime? Maybe we can all go see how the low life did this?
  3. For me, I made my choice last year already. Getting older and needing increasing health care made me chose for returning to Europe where I am entitled to (almost) free health care and use the money i will be saving to make trips to other countries I would like to visit. It is obvious that this government wants only wealthy foreigners who spend lots of cash in Thailand. Living in Europe, I am entitled by my country to have free health care (Europ Assistance), including worldwide repatriation when possible, om my holyday trips. I have been living in Thailand for 20 years now, but now
  4. BS A year ago, I was hospitalized urgently. After 3 weeks hospital, from which was 1 1/2 week ICU, I was released from the hospital. I went to the cassier and the total bill was only 35,000 baht (Military hospital Fort Suranaree). I don't require hamburgers and pizzas, with a 40" TV and all sport channels, when I am lying in a hospital. I feel very well with some other people in my room who gave a helping hand when nurses ware too busy. I go already 15 years to this hospital and I feel very good with their service. I don't need a Bangkok hospital with their exurberant b
  5. If Thailand would use the interest on the 800,000 baht deposit to pay for some system of health care, most of the retirees would have a good health treatment when they fall ill. Most, if not all, the retiress who have deposit 800,000 baht on the bank don't get interest on that sum. Why not make the 800,000 bank deposit into a state funds which will provide health insurance with the interest on that sum of money? Too easy for the Thai ministers?
  6. "Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha said today (Tuesday) that the new rule is intended to ensure that they will receive proper medical treatment if they fall ill during their long stay in the country." Unless DPHM Sathit is a 1st class BS'r, I fail to see how such an insurance will ensure that the person will receive proper medical treatment. Most of the retirees in Thailand are older people who have already been treated for a disease and NO insurance company in the world will pay for a medical treatment which can be proved to be caused by a previous illness. Now
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