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  1. That's true but also unlike those he is not denoting billions to charities either.
  2. Well its the policy of which payment method to use to their partner bank and in my case nothing has changed
  3. Well after the various posts I thought I would ask Wise if there policy has changed specifically regarding their "tagging" to ensure money goes to Bangkok Bank and denoted as FTT, irrespective of the transfer I did Tuesday was shown as FTT. The reply was; We have checked your account with our relevant team and it's still tagged. Our policy has not been changed. You can ask for a FET form from the partner bank that we paid your money out from. You can check which bank this is on your transfer receipt. To find it: 1. Go to the transfer in the Activity section of your Wise
  4. I see from an article in that unmentionable news outlet that the 10 countries have now been reduced to 5. What's the odds that those five will be reduced down to just Germany by 1st November ?
  5. I am in Udon Thani. If you are serious please pm me
  6. Didn't work for me. I have no doubt MS will make those threats regarding later updates or pc's malfunctioning because they and a few others dream that suddenly billions of people with claimed unsupported machines will go out and buy new ones from MS or their favoured partners. I have no doubt when that does not happen MS will quietly update their Win 11 to upgrade/install onto other pcs without problem and also receive updates. It is in my view a sales model that will blow up in their face. I have downloaded a workaround media creation tool and it is working fine , in fact I am finding
  7. It allows all government ministers with their mia nois, HISOS out on the town etc to get home from those vip clubs that are illegally opening without being seen by the riff raff.
  8. I would rather see them in Bangkok to bulldoze the place to the ground along with the idiots in the administration who say one thing one day and the opposite the next.
  9. Odd but then the email was in reply to your enquiry, could there be an issue with your account details perhaps ? The reason I say that, and this may have no bearing on the urrent issue is that back in 2019 when Kasikorn stopped showing them as international transfers I then used Bangkok Bank ( well so far ) as they showed FTT. Now sometimes I still used Kasikorn yet I still didn't get the deposits any quicker despite many people saying that they received theirs in seconds. By chance a few months later I sent some to my wife's Kasikorn bank, and guess what ? it arrived in seconds. Strange I
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