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  1. The only prob I had with the drain I recommend, is finding one the same size as the one you're going to replace, I didn't want to mess about with angle grinding the tiles, I eventually found one.....
  2. You missed my post then...................
  3. Mine doesn't have a spring to rust away or clog up, it has a counterweight that keeps it closed until the weight of running water overcomes it... High tech eh.....
  4. I replaced the shower drain with one that has a trap door, it opens with the water weight and remains closed at all other times. No bugs, no smell... All made from stainless steel and way better than the ones that rely on water seal.....
  5. My friend has no earths in his house electricity circuitry. I noticed he had this stainless steel cooker with three pin plug, plugged into a two pin extension lead. I said that is dangerous, you need the earth to have half a chance against electrocution, he said, ...."Well its been alright for ten years"..... PS. I even offered to earth the kitchen stuff, but no....
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