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  1. It's a 1976 Pontiac Trans Am, 6.8 ltr, 71 block, 68 heads, 69 crank, alloy rods etc. with a little N2O, plus a manual reverse pattern auto trans, 100% street car, for show and go... The dinosaur runs 11.5 @ 121mph on street tyres, the last time was way back in 2005.......
  2. Back home in the UK my fun ride spent most of its life in the garage being tenderly nurtured by me for 23 years, and as often as possible...A love affair...
  3. The cost of a 2 or 4 wheel ride is immaterial to you bystanders, folk pay millions of $ for 50 year old muscle cars, folk spend fortunes on new 200 mph rides that they will never use as a performance ride, but they buy them because they want one, and they can afford it. This is Thailand, where the tax regime is way different to farangland when buying something special, you lot should feel sorry for the country's car lovers, as it's only the well off that can enjoy buying a ride they desire.
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