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  1. Valuations for tax purposes, but not exactly the price they sell for lol. They should inflate the tax based on sale prices in the area/zone and then see thai's begin lowering their sale prices lol
  2. Your empathy is false and obvious to all. We live in world with a multitude of desire and needs. People like yourself only care about their sad existence and criticize anything that builds their ego or put them on an insincere pedestal. I quite enjoy my 'sad existence' thanks.
  3. Amazing how a post goes from commentary about the economic collapse of China to 'grammar and ego'.
  4. Why do the 'ex-pats' believe they have the right to kick thai's/burmese shack dwellers out? Som-Nom-Na, now they can reside there for years lol
  5. Nothing to disapprove, it's already happening, started in June... It makes 08 look like a holiday, and 90's Japan like a field trip... (Japan never recovered btw).
  6. Nope, and the collapse of America is in our interests, most western states have become sub-servant to the US. US is exposed to China, but not as much as the EU, for that matter ASEAN..
  7. Total debt commercial (development) is approx 3 trillion, which then snowballs into an additional 2 trillion. Repayments alone jan is 80 billion. Evergrande has been 'giving' properties to their suppliers at 20% of sale value, in return for concluding the developments, then accounting those as 'sales-revenues', so even the 600m revenues last Q are just cooking of the books.
  8. See many prominent Thai's hanging their faith on China and Chinese tourism reviving Thailand etc. Its a good point, predominantly speaking Thailand, like most of South East Asia and West Asia have vast exposure to China in everything from Tourism to Manufacturing / Trade etc. As we know the evergrand pickle is a looking likely to be a domino affect, with fear over x billion in debts, but with marginally smaller % repayment calls, however in January we have some 80 billion repayment calls, alongside commodity prices collapsing (copper down 10-15% as an example) etc, you
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