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  1. You are between a rock and a hard place here. Chances are there is no solid connection to a ground. In a western situation you'd be fine connecting it to a copper water line, but this Thailand and that's not an option. Now i read it says 'Safe-F-Cut' which in Thai speak is as good as it gets. If there is a short the Safe-T-Cut is supposed to trip. So changing the breaker probably won't buy you anything in terms of protection from electrocution and death!
  2. The weird part of my 'adventure' was that my wife never wanted us to move to Thailand. We met when we were working at the same company in Singapore and I thought, against my wifes better judgement retirement in Thailand would be a good thing. I remember a few months before we moved from Singapore she said "you'll be bored of this within 10 years". She got it wrong by 11 months The kicker for us was when our son, who was born in Singapore, moved with us to Thailand and then went to college in the US told us he was never going back to Thailand.
  3. Unhappiness can be like a slow developing cancer, it creeps up on you. I'll use my own case as an example. I was very happy in Thailand for years, but as boredom set in, I began to find mundane things irritating me. At the end of my full time life in Thailand I was just sorta angry about stuff. It was a few months after we moved back to the US my wife said aut of the blue, "you just seem more content now" And the truth was that I was. I hadn't realized when I was in Thailand how wound up I had become by the end, which I guess translates into
  4. Happy/Unhappy is very subjective. It can range from totally the bought in to the abject misery of the 'burnt by a woman' brigade. In response to one of the posts, I'm not sure I buy in to the theory that those that break all ties with home are the happiest. Anecdotally I've found those most unhappy are those that did go 'all in' are by far the most unhappy when things go south. A lot of us do just tire of the place, and many like me find boredom sets in. That in itself can be a slippery slope, where the more bored you get, stuff just starts to ir
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