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  1. Op forgot the first sentence in his post. Once upon a time.
  2. Well don't drink it then. But it's great for dissolving ear wax. The Thai's have used this method for years. same as I have.
  3. Never used anything else now days. Works just fine for me. maybe once a year, all good.
  4. If you can grow it long. maybe you could comb it up. look a bit like Paulie
  5. hydrogen peroxide from pharmacy or 7/11. about 50 baht.
  6. a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from pharmacy or 7/11. a few drips in ear, leave for a bout 5 minutes, wash ears out repeat if needed. ( it will bubble and pop, that's normal ) Don't ear candle or let massage shops poke metal things in your ear. Bangkok pattaya hospital will do it at a price, ( very expensive )
  7. Personally, I have not delayed a pension. ( small company one ) You just don't know how long your going to live, have the money ASAP.
  8. Suv was in the Wrong. But the scooter rider was just stupid. You can't behave in that manor at that junction. very bad things will happen, if you do. now his totally broken. I used to cross at that point twice a day for 5 years. it's deadly, you need to show the upmost caution there. traffic is moving way to fast on the bypass road to behave in a reckless way crossing it. Get well soon, silly old sod.
  9. Now your just being silly Transman. oh, what's new, nothing.
  10. You missed the point. But it is you, so no big deal, Transman.
  11. One more attempt at a money grab. Amazing Thailand. Ps BMW and Mercedes Benz, sales staff, just got wet knickers.
  12. This is all wrong, I should be in the bar drinking in soi 6, on the other side of town, not talking to you. How dare you. The girls are not going to like this one.
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