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  1. I have a car purchased new in December 2020. Due to communication issues & the ineptitude of the dealer, I am still running on red plates. I have done 15K in this car around Thailand - and have never been questioned. I have been through many checkpoints and have had no problems. It has normally taken about 6 to 10 weeks to get the regular plates with other cars we have purchased. It is interesting reading this thread. I was unaware that I should be recording my trips out of the province - so never have done that. This was not explained to me by the dealer(s). I also drive after 6
  2. I used to eat a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits - melons,mango,banana with rolled oats & low fat yoghurt. Now, living permanently in LOS, and not working, things have changed. We have 1 or 2 meals per day, but seldom eat anything before 2pm. Sorry. - very long-winded way of saying ‘Nothing’.
  3. Why not? This is part of the vaccination protocol for many Thai people (apologies to Henry123)
  4. I had a veterinary practice in East Gipplsland in Victoria. The practice is still there - I sold out my share. My Dad started showing signs - sundowners syndrome etc from about 78 , but deteriorated rapidly. He had a minor stroke and was admitted to care, but died shortly afterwards. He was very placid when he had dementia, much easier to deal with than before! My Mum , deteriorated more slowly , but required high care for her last 5 years. During this period, she did not know who I was, (or who she was for that matter). She was constantly crying, with intermittent bouts of anger. It
  5. I have had/am having a fantastic life - and I honestly have no ‘bucket list’. As my body physically deteriorates , I may enact protocols to speed up proceedings. Both of my parents died with dementia. I do not want to play that game. In my working life I euthanised thousands of patients - so I have a more blasé attitude to the sanctity of life. I am all about Quality Of Life.
  6. Breaking Bad The Walking Dead Gilligans Island Bugs Bunny Seinfeld
  7. I love my wife, our home and family , and the more laidback lifestyle we have here compared with the over-regulated and politically correct environment back in Australia. There will always be some things that annoy me here in Thailand, however I am very happy here.
  8. Not trying to be pedantic , just setting the record straight - Mazda stopped selling CX-9 in LOS many years ago - and replaced it in this market with the updated CX-8 . There are 3 for sale on One2Cars.com now - all 09/10 year models. In this country, Mazdas' bread and butter has been the Mazda2, Mazda3 & BT50 models. The original post about the Fortuner GR was in fact a derogatory post about the car - hardly someone coming on to show off their new pride and joy.. Possibly you share other Rhino characteristics - they have very poor vision. Maybe you
  9. So sorry to hurt your feelings… Like I said - we are all entitled to our own opinion. It has nothing to do with class or character
  10. The CX9 is not offered in Thailand. The largest AWD family Mazda here is the CX8, which is more carlike than the CX9. In my native Australia, the Fortuner is very unpopular. People see it for what it is - a Hilux (= Revo) with a full metal jacket. Toyota sell many more Rav 4s, Klugers & LandCruisers in Oz - much better cars. In Thailand there is not much choice .
  11. what a boring world it would be if we all had the same opinions! drove 300k today back home, through Bangkok - and the Mazda has adequate power ,is fuel efficient(average 14.5km/l) and is quiet and comfortable - IMO it has style and quality that the Toyota does not have.
  12. A 'sporty' Fortuner is a contradiction of terms. We all know that red cars go faster , and a few more blacked out bits of trim are gangster - but even in 'GR' mode - this car is hardly sporty. I recently test drove the new Fortuner - and I found the wallowing and dipping around corners quite 'agricultural'. We compared the Toyota with the Ford Everest - and ended up buying a Mazda CX8 !
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