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  1. It may not be such a crazy idea. Due to the reduced vascularity (blood supply) of the subcutaneous tissue compared to that of the muscle - the vaccine is likely to remain ‘on site’ for a longer period - giving the immune system a better look at it - and hence mount a good immune response. The downside is that subcutaneous injections hurt more than intramuscular injections.
  2. Another wonderful PR exercise ! Come to Thailand - Look at our lovely beaches , eat our delicious food, enjoy our renowned hotel services -that’s it - time to go home
  3. I paid squillions in Tax in Australia , but although I enjoyed many aspects of my job (and the financial security it gave me) - at age 58 I could see that a lot of water had already gone under the bridge - I was still fit & healthy, so I sold up everything in Oz and came over here. I have budgeted on spending up to 200,000 Baht per month. If I am still going at 85 , I could be broke - nut hopefully will be too old to care!! I am not particularly wealthy , but will never receive any State pension. I never viewed tax as something that the Government borrowed from me, just to drip it b
  4. No more funny comments about Madonnas' breast cover... The automatic engine stop start , you should be able to leave the car in Drive , and the engine will stop when the car comes to rest. It will start again (automatically) as soon as you press the accelerator/throttle/gofast pedal. Putting the hand brake on means you don't have to keep your foot on the brake pedal. When you are set to go, just take off handbrake, press the pedal to the metal, and you are winning the green light speedway!
  5. 2 million will not get you into a 911 in LOS. A 20 year old 996 will still set you back at least 3.5 million baht!
  6. Fully vaccinated (for now) with 2 x Pfizer at MedPark. Wife & rest of family got Sinovac last week, get AZ in 2 weeks time
  7. 20,000 deaths per annum is shocking. 17,000 deaths is not insubstantial. With lockdowns, curfews, restaurant & bar closures - if alcohol was the major factor in road deaths, I am sure we would have seen a much bigger reduction in the road carnage here.
  8. She obviously is an advocate for alcohol bans. For the last 18 months traffic volumes have been obviously smaller. Less cars on the road must equate to a reduction in accidents. Curfews must reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road at night. This is not rocket science - casualty numbers should fall. 'She also noted that when alcohol checkpoints were stopped last year the number of DUI cases rocketed.' Alcohol checkpoints were stopped during curfew times - so there should have been less people out and about, and hence less DUIs - makes no sense. Her ded
  9. Okay - I am Peed Off . I purchased an electrical item for my car from China. It is not available from Thailand - ie is not manufactured or even sold in this country. It was purchased online & I paid with paypal . After it arrived in Thailand DHL contacted me to say it had been checked by customs, & they required my proof of payment for the item. I forwarded my PayPal receipt as requested. Now - because the vendors understated the price of the item ( a CarPlay & phone mirror box for my car stereo) - I am now required to pay VAT (Ok , I accept that) , a service fe
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