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  1. SIL in Bkk on a nice Sansiri estate has house in next soi with 20 dogs! a wall of sound. But this is a bit better as originally he had over 30, these dog owners crazy as well as selfish
  2. Unfortunately those little <deleted>s are normally long lived, but being small susceptible to er, food poisoning.!
  3. Red horse 8% 75 baht in tops, gets you pissed quick
  4. Give over with the liberal empathy and spiritual drivel, lots of things deserve to be hated. Murderers, child molesters, corruption, taxes, soi dogs, snakes and durian, to name a few. Make hate great again l
  5. Took mrs 3 times to pass the driving test, was offered under the table for 500 baht, must be a lot more these days. The film they show now is a laugh, done in lakorn style with a ladyboy and screaming women to try and get people to watch it instead of their phone. Did not notice anything about zebra crossings!
  6. She's a prostitute you just another customer have a look at Dans channel https://www.youtube.com/@thaitalkwithdan
  7. Not meant to have money or own anything other than garments and alms bowl
  8. First went there in 1994, boring 10 days, went again for a week in 98, left after one day. Degrading outdoor brothel towns full of drunken foreigner's swaggering about and thousands of prostitutes preying on them is not for everyone. Never went to Sunday school and I think Samut Prakan is more the 'real world' than Pattaya.
  9. The expected negative comment having a go at anyone who is not a sex worker supporter. Never been screwed over by Thai prostitutes, so nothing to be bitter about. It's a regrettable line of work, which behind the neon and fake smiles lies criminality, depression, drink/drug addictions and diseases. They mostly hate the punters and I can't blame them, they are quite right to drain these mugs of everything they can get out of them.
  10. The good old punters excuse of poverty and have no choice. It's nonsense of course there is always a choice, but not for the too lazy and stupid. Every time I go out I see places advertising for staff, which does not involve sex with total strangers.
  11. The popular vote is meaningless in American elections, and always has been
  12. Nelson Mandela was a convicted terrorist, the left just loved that 'felon'
  13. They were saying this 30 years ago when I unfortunately went there, it is still Southeast Asia's premier SEX TOURIST destination, just be honest about it.
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