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  1. You will need a 3rd jab only when the govt has any stock to give. Until now there is none with only 70% of country done first jab.
  2. If I try today, mine works on WiFi again! The logon/pwd page pops up for a split second, but then the app automatically logs me in.
  3. Thanks guys that helps. It seems the app now only work with mobile data. I was using it off the home WiFi always before. I needed access as I got a booster jab #3 last week and only way I know of getting vaccine booster cert is to screen grab the cert off of this MorPhrom app as they give you nothing on paper at the vaccination center (Bang Sue Grand Station in Bangkok).
  4. Does Mor Phrom app still work? I tried yesterday and it logged me straight in with displays of my vaccine certs, but then it says there's a new version of app? Now when I try it doesn't log me and asks for ID# and password? I have no idea what pwd is supposed to be, don't recall having one before. If I select forgot password, it asks for ID# and phone number to send an SMS to. I enter both and nothing happens. For ID# I use the Thai ID number assigned by vaccine authorities as this is what used to display next to my name when the app worked.
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