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  1. Hows this for logic? Last week I got an annual extension with the TM7 and each year my TM7 is filled in neatly by me on a PC using a PDF editor and I include my mobile phone number at the top of the page as they always ask for this. This time they still asked for my mobile phone number! I pointed to it, but the IO said it should be written at the bottom of the page near my signature, not at the top. So I wrote it in my barely legible handwriting again and then the IO proceeded to try and read this hand written version whilst transcribing it to her log.
  2. Overly pedantic IMHO, but maybe its just me? Surely the o/p knows this and he is actually getting the form (TM8) first like he says, fills it in and gets a stamp in pp. Now I'm being pedantic, must be infectious
  3. The Thai govt already gave me two Sinovacs and I was thinking ahead of them a couple of months ago and booked my own Moderna booster. Think I would rather that than an AZ booster?
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