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  1. Was it already clear if the vaccin works against this variant?
  2. Not only in Thailand. The devastating role, in this Corona period, media plays world wide is something that is byond believe. Instilling fear, half-truths and twisting numbers is the order of the day with disastrous results.
  3. Its the best decision the UK could maken. The free and good life in Europe is done.
  4. Exactly. Same for me about The Netherlands. In the 70s-80s and a part of the 90s it was a excellent country to live in. Now..........I dont even want the be found dead overthere. Doesnt Thailand have things that makes you wonder??? Yes but at least youve got your freedom here (besides many more good things)
  5. I still dont get it. Why are the vaccinated so afraid and angry at non-vaccinated? They are protected by the vaccine. Right? And the story about full ic........be angry at your gouvernment who cut down on medical expensives for decades already. That is where the problem lays.
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