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  1. Tks ubonjoe for the infographic. There is no info on those (non-O visa holders) who currently live in Thailand and went overseas and returned to Bangkok in less than 21 days. Are they subject to the new no-quarantine measures and no medical insurance needed?
  2. <removed> I live in Bangkok on a Non-O visa (Marriage) valid until April 2022 with a re-entry permit and am fully vaccinated since Sept 7. I intend to fly to Singapore mid November and spend a few days there. I will be flying SQ (non-chartered flight) and with the new rules for no-quarantine, does this mean that I will need to join the sandbox program when I return to Thailand and that I'll need to be quarantined in a ASQ hotel for 7+ days and have a US$50K medical insurance policy? And since there isn't a sandbox program in Bangkok, I will have to fly to Phuket or other sandbox des
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