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  1. I twice used Chavalit Law Group at Chong Nonsi, A Bangkok. City Centre law firm. Perfect English and great communication from Khun Vira Kammee. Not cheap but then they were 100% professional and reliable even with a complicated condo sale/purchase. Now seems that they are Branded SCL Nishimura.
  2. I advise you to get a good, reliable and trustworthy lawyer to assist and advise you. Property purchase for foreigners has many potential pitfalls in Thailand. I would not conduct a property transaction without professional help. I have completed two condo purchases and a land purchase for my then wife (since ex).
  3. My flight arrives in Thailand on 3rd November and I have been holding off making COE application and hotel booking in anticipation of rule changes. Hopefully full details of the new "Thailand Pass" and requirements will be out soon. If not, I'll simply delay arrival.
  4. Good luck with that. With European destinations in summer, Dubai and Carribean in winter then there are plenty of other family/luxury/value options closer to home. Thailand is an exotic place that had thrived for decades on the mix of hedonism, freedom and lax implementation of rules. Make it difficult, expensive and less fun then many will simply seek alternative destinations. Maybe he's only got the Chinese or Indians in mind so let's see how that goes.
  5. Name changes are unlikely to work as they are almost certainly using facial recognition these days. A few years ago I arrived at BKK early morning and went direct to Immigration at CW to file TM30 and other stuff. My picture from from arrival in the airport was exceptionally clear on the immigration database. Very easy to digitise and use in facial recognition systems.
  6. If you don't know what airlines serve the route you want then Google Flights is very good for finding a full list of options and fares. It then gives you a list of booking sites and normally shows the fare direct from the airline too. In these "uncertain" times of travel changes and cancellations it is advisable to book direct with the airline to get the best service in case of changes or cancellations. IMO: The only reliable flight tracker is www.flightradar24.com and we use it to track planes right to the arrival gate.
  7. Fail to plan, plan to fail... Time and effort spent on advance research will save time, frustration and dissapointment. But then there would be nothing to complain about
  8. I bought my Bangkok condo in 2009 for 6 Million THB. Paid a deposit of 5% by my UK credit card. I then transferred the full purchase price to my lawyer's Thai client account in GBP (with a little extra to cover costs and exchange rate fluctuation) from my UK bank. Very important is to get the "purpose of transfer" correctly noted. Normally "for purchase of... (add full unit info and address of the property you are buying)". You will need to show this document to Lane Department to transfer ownership to your name. Some say it is not necessary to show full address but for avoidance of issues wit
  9. I was DTAC pre-paid for many years. In 2020 their data service was becoming <deleted> for me so decided to go to AIS (better IMO) and get postpaid. Went to DTAC in Central Festival, Pattaya to cancel and ensure my old number could be transferred. Crossed the hall to AIS and was set-up with a new postpaid sim within about 40 minutes. Next morning my old number started working on the new AIS sim. Bills by email and text each month. Even got international roaming activated. Very happy.
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