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  1. Interesting question for Thai forum which will likely elicit many, possibly humourous, responses relating to Thai females or LBs. Having not seen the job advert I would expect it to mean a job security testing penetration of computer servers, IT systems or websites to see how easy it is to gain unauthorised or malicious access.
  2. Exactly. It was mainly for this reason that I got 1st class bike insurance. Too many precious car owners of their never to be paid for cars. The thought of scratching or denting a Beemer or Benz let alone an Isuzu gave me nightmares. MSIG cover through AAinsure.net was affordable and offered reasonable coverage (3rd party, medical, theft, own damage and compulsory too) for any rider of the bike. Class 2 covers all the above except damage to own bike.
  3. These BMW smart cars are simply wonderful. Maybe the British border farce could secure a fleet of them as they are clearly so effective in locating illegals. Oh but wait a minute, how would they ever know if someone was on overstay as there are no exit immigration checks? And another thing, the softy home office rarely ever deport anyone either. At least Thailand makes it easy for most to stay legally and they do uphold the immigration laws.
  4. Seems like Thai are doing 4 x weekly LHR/BKK/LHR from early November (I'm booked on 2nd Nov). I called them a few days ago to change a return date on my ticket purchased in January 2020 and there was no trouble using free Gold Award upgrades to business class both ways. I was on hold to their Bangkok number for about 30 minutes before a rep answered though. Their London office is still closed with staff working from home and no phone number to call. Hopefully this will see the full resumption of Thai's always excellent LHR/BKK/LHR services and it would be nice if they would bring back the A380
  5. Unfortunately, if you think that things have been bad already then the real difficulty will be getting her out. Forget the financial side of it, just getting her to move could be a major issue and hassle. Be prepared to rent her a place elsewhere to start and definitely change all locks and remove her access to your condo once she has finally gone. Even when she has gone that may not be the end of any drama. Best of luck.
  6. At a guess, a quick poll of the 60.1% of those Thai people surveyed who said "Thailand not ready to reopen" would show that 100% of them were not reliant on international tourism or foreign trade...
  7. I twice used Chavalit Law Group at Chong Nonsi, A Bangkok. City Centre law firm. Perfect English and great communication from Khun Vira Kammee. Not cheap but then they were 100% professional and reliable even with a complicated condo sale/purchase. Now seems that they are Branded SCL Nishimura.
  8. I advise you to get a good, reliable and trustworthy lawyer to assist and advise you. Property purchase for foreigners has many potential pitfalls in Thailand. I would not conduct a property transaction without professional help. I have completed two condo purchases and a land purchase for my then wife (since ex).
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