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  1. wasn't this part of the free trade deal with Australia?
  2. "....an immigrant by any other name....... " People who live in Thailand regardless of visa named by Thai. authorities are immigrants and are dealt with by the Dept of Immigration.
  3. There is an inherent problem with governments that aren't truly elected - when people get the job either through their military rank or "connections" - the inevitable result is that you get many cases of people getting jobs they are not capable f doing. the Thai authorities time again display the "dunning Kruger effect" a self-satisfied smugness - and an inability to appreciate how they fall short of actually carrying out the job their are meant to be doing. Time and again they ignore the advice of scientists and those properly informed and follow their own ingrained prejudices and assump
  4. Yes- I've explained that - I think you really just need to admit that in the big picture you areas immigrant. Get over it.
  5. you are making a false distinction and largely dependant on your own centric viewpoint - there is no real legal definition as it changes from one voluntary to another - if you intend to stay longterm in another country you are an immigrant. White people in Thailand have trouble with the word "immigrant" but have no problem referring to other people in their own country as "immigrants" - especially if they have dark skin. in the UK they call many people "9illegal) immigrants" when infant they are not intending to stay forever and aren't illegal - so they try to find other arms
  6. There seems to be a resistance to being called "immigrants" - basically because of their own feeling of superiority - which is of course just a reluctance to admit they are being racist. they are immigrants - bits of paper and how they do it may vary from country to country but in the end they are immigrants.
  7. these "re-enactments" are a farce - Thai police methodologies need a serious review,
  8. You don't know what an immigrant is - you haven't answered the question you are just voicing racist opinions - how sad
  9. Apart from he fat they are by any other definition immigrants "a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country." - what do you think they are?
  10. Duh, Yes! - I'm citing an example of how language is missed as a criteria for immigration. PS - have taught ESL in Australia.
  11. Enough to make the government worry publicly on several occasions. e,G - https://www.internationalinvestment.net/news/4000318/thailand-health-insurance-mandatory-expats "Many Thai insurance companies refuse to cover those over the age of 60 and for those over 75 there' is even less chance of being able to find an insurer willing to take them on, however healthy they may be. Concerned expats fear they will either be unable to be covered or will not be able to afford whatever the insurers themselves decide is the actual premium."
  12. Thai airlines used to be run by the Airforce who didn't want the job. A Qantas pilot once told me that it was a miracle that Thai airplanes weren't falling out the sky every day. Thy are just about broke now so won't be around muck longer anyway.
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