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  1. There was a Hamas label/title referenced, are you denying it is used/exists?
  2. So, in your nonsense world, the Palestinians are forever reacting? Never initiating violence? Never do no wrong? That's cute. Your 'pattern' is just another contrived attempt at a skewed narrative. Tell me again which land was taken on 7/10.
  3. Anyone who actually bothered to read the OP would notice there's nothing regarding that in the OP.
  4. This is an opinion column by Israel's President. He did claim, since the start that his words were taken out of context and twisted. But then again, regardless of whether one considers his position as right or not, its obviously a Mandy Rice-Davies situation.
  5. As far as I understand there are dues, which go into a NATO fund, and then there's the annual budget expenditure. Two different issues. If I get it right, the problems are more to do with the latter, than the former.
  6. Do you have any (realistic) suggestions as to how this might be achieved? Promoted?
  7. Here's a link to the column: My Fellow Palestinians: It's Time to Get Rid of Our Leaders and Accept Israel's Offers for Peace | Opinion https://www.newsweek.com/my-fellow-palestinians-its-time-get-rid-our-leaders-accept-israels-offers-peace-opinion-1864654 And more about the man: Bassem Eid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bassem_Eid
  8. You can make false claims all you like. Most of my comments regarding Israel illegal settlement effort in the West Bank, are negative (notice that 'illegal' there? It's a clue). Most of my comments on Netanyahu and the current Israeli government? Negative as well. Similarly, no gung-ho comments regarding the fighting in the Gaza Strip, nor reveling in the deaths of Palestinian civilians. And, of course - nothing along the lines of your 'control all the land' on going nonsense. So once more, you simply demonstrated a disconnect between what is and what's your 'opinion'. You continue to exhibit willful ignorance and wrong use regarding relevant concepts, labels, ideologies and so on. You do so without actually bothering to substantiate any of this, again insisting that your ignorant 'opinion' trumps facts. This is most apparent when it comes to your various uses of 'Zionist' - in contexts and meanings which are way off mark. Considering you have not actually shown much knowledge about the factions involved, their policies, agenda, composition or leadership, your claims to 'support' this or that are meaningless. There you go again, insisting on a framing Zionism as something which it ain't. Why is it that you feel the need to edit the author's words? Do you consider him less informed than yourself? Or do you feel it's your right to misconstrue his ideas to fit your agenda and warped thinking? About as bizarre and clueless as it gets.
  9. During the fighting, UNRWA reports are mostly based on figures supplied by the Hamas controlled Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip. These figures do not differentiate between civilians and combatants, they do not make clear how many or which casualties were caused by Hamas (and other terrorist organizations). Similarly, UNRWA's statement fails to acknowledge Hamas use of attacked facilities etc. Obviously, links are beneath you.
  10. Other than you seemingly getting a bit obsessive with this.... I have replied to a post you made. It is still up topic, not deleted. Referenced it twice now. Explained what was I was talking about. Maybe go for that 'dullards' again - apparently you are allowed to, whereas replying in kind is a 'flame'. A bit ironic, though.
  11. When the IDF spokesperson says something, it is clear that he's an official representative of the IDF. One can make up his mind regarding his words accordingly. If the AJ reporter is also a Hamas operative, and that's not shared with the viewers/readers, then it's a different story. Not too hard to understand.
  12. No, you don't. Your posts are generally supportive of Hamas and/or Palestinian positions.
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