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  1. Is it legal to share right here this US Gov't website link called ClinicalTrials.gov where it says A STUDY OF HYDROXYCLOROLQUINE, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN D, and ZINC for the prevention of Covid-19 infection?
  2. Am a senior citizen, US pensioner whose ER visa has obviously expired. Almost 4 years living in KH. Had come into Malaysia for a week when the lock downs happened last March. I've been paying $150/mo rent in SHV and had long ago decided the value of my things could have been repurchased several times had I just told the landlord I'm not coming back soon. I just don't believe it will be that difficult to locate another place for rent should the borders reopen. There was massive construction all over my neighborhood (OP-02) when I went on vacation. Anyway, I've decided to inform him th
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