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  1. Operates in the same fashion as the VTOL V-22 Osprey on takeoff and landing except all electrical, no carbon footprint. Otherwise operates as a propeller fixed wing aircraft in flight, albeit quietly. I know, so, as I said, they're not helicopters. "...all electrical, no carbon footprint". No carbon footprint, you sure about that? How are they built, then, and does the electricity to charge them come from magic carbon footprint-free sources?!
  2. The air's the same with these, with taxis or walking!
  3. Thats what you have insurance for. Except that, in the case of these electric bikes, they don't have insurance!
  4. The mind boggles at the thought of "herculean mussels" detaching from their rocks and heading up the beach!
  5. This thread has nothing to do with the disabled and their vehicles and no one has suggested that they should be banned.
  6. yup, just like the many thousands of thais do but perhaps you could tell us where they can get this insurance on a non road legal vehicle Perhaps you could tell us what makes it ok for non road legal vehicles to be used on the road particularly when there is a 13-year old child involved?
  7. Well, that makes it ok for no one to have vehicle insurance, then, by your logic? What if you, or one of your passengers, had been killed or injured by those "idiots in the village without insurance"?
  8. So below 30 kph you cannot injure/kill anyone? ...or, just as importantly, kill/injure herself in the case of the OP's child!
  9. Why is keeping to that speed "fine"? Does that make them legal and ok to allow 13-year olds to use on the road?
  10. And that is the difference between you and me, I think before I speak. Stillborn usually do not cause mothers death, but mother having Covid makes it not so usual does it ? A stillborn baby is the same stillborn with the same potential medical effect as a result of it's death on the mother, if any, regardless of whether the mother has Covid. What was the point you were trying to make with your so well-thought-out-before-speaking [sic] post?
  11. You've obviously never bought a new car here. Maybe I haven't, maybe I have, but whichever is correct it has no relevance to my comment.
  12. Good grief, how can you come to that conclusion? Stillborn babies are not unusual and do not usually cause the mother's death.
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