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  1. ...as opposed to a loose, all-over-the-place white line? We feeling a bit 'literal' today LL ??? - take a sip of your juice... No, not at all, notice the question mark that means I was asking a question. I hoped you could answer it for me...what is a "fixed white line"?
  2. Is it...where can that classification be seen? Looks like an electric trike to me.
  3. I sympathise with the old geezer but there are a lot of posts referring to this electric trike as a "mobility scooter", suggesting that the Swiss rider is disabled and was using a special type of disability vehicle, why is that when neither the OP, nor the his wife, described it as that? Seems to me he is nothing more than an ordinary bloke recklessly using his tiny, vulnerable electric trike as just an, er, tiny, vulnerable electric trike on a known dangerous road, and is not deserving of any additional gratuitous "disabled" sympathy.
  4. YES. they are not registered have no number plate, the same as a bicycle. ...except, unlike bicycles, they are motorised vehicles. are they not?
  5. ...as opposed to a loose, all-over-the-place white line?
  6. Not legally required on an electric disability trike, or license needed. Even if the vehicle is being used on the roads as opposed to the pavements?
  7. Full article doesn't give more info. You don't know <deleted>. It provides the information that you asked for and it seems that I know a shltload more than you do.
  8. No one forced you to buy that woman a drink! If she was so unappealing, why did you bother to encourage her? "...barely speaks english..." Do you speak Thai?
  9. That's actually good idea ! Man, I didn't even think about it. Better deal for the both of us :D Nice one Not a good idea for her though if she has to get a certain number of drinks or if the bar owner/manager notices that he's being screwed.
  10. No, they are not always almost twice the price of the customer's The price of her drink is not based on the price of yours, if you'd bought a B150 drink her drink would not have been anymore expensive than yours.
  11. There was no income stream, try following the OP!... "The man, who had been training the woman for free..."
  12. Where was it reported that they were... Mr Thai appologist.. The point is, Mr gratuitous Thai-basher, that you made a specific claim that the police weren't interested in his source and you do not know that to be factual, I did not make any such claim.
  13. I question the need to question the need for the word transgender in the headline more than anything.
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