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  1. I did what you say ( DooTV ), and it's 100% better, quality picture is excellent, like TV ( I look with my desktop screen ) almost no buffering , every 15 mn, 5 seconds
  2. From the first day ( two days ago ... ) I look at and image is very good, full screen on my desk top but ...it's true that pretty often the image is frozen ( always at the wrong moment ) a few seconds , it's a pity but anyway, I can profit of athletics of olympic games
  3. Golden tree snakes not completely harmless : they can bite and they have a mildly venomous venom , not considered to be dangerous to humans
  4. It was free ; they asked only pink ID for every body they just asked who came from Bangkok, but the other people where locals ( I too, but I spent 3 days in Bangkok ) When it's in a private hospital it's 2500 - 3500 bahts
  5. We have told already here many times that a pink ID is very important for Thai people, especially hospitals and banks ; many times I have been asked for my ID thai card , not my passport ( that I have never with me except if I know I have to present if , i.e immigration )
  6. Thanks every body, very usefull !
  7. Hello, on which chanel(s ) can we see athletics at the olympic games ( any language, English, Thai ... I have a VPN ) Thanks
  8. Always the same thing : people ( idiots ) do the wrong thing ( no distance, no masks etc ... ), have Covid and in a few days more and more infected people it started like this in Bangkok, some VIP did the same and now we know the result there will be always some people ( in any countries ) who think they are more clever than the others
  9. I use Cyberghost and I am very satisfied ( 3 years already ), we have any server in maybe 10 seconds, but I don't say it's the best : Nord vpn is very good, too For the message of the OP, I have not this message; just now I tried " Thailand", and I had it , no problem
  10. Of course, they STAY, not stupid ; compared to neighbours, they have an easier life, same advantages than in metropolitan France Sorry, but it's ridicoulus to think like that : you think that the embassy vaccined people with a poisoned vaccine ? they didn't ask me it I pay tax or not I got myself Janssen vaccine, no effect at all for me ; I just wonder how effective it is against Delta variant ; I just know that it's effective against grave " normal " ( alpha , beta ) covid, normally no hospital or death but now we must consider the pandemic with Delta variant
  11. Hello, just to have your opinion there is a graphic card AMD 8 go, sold 90 € ( 3500 baht ) the same ( ? ) at Amazon or somewhere else, about 9 times more expensive so the Ali one is a fake, but is it good nevertheless, even if it's not the same quality than the original ?
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