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  1. they need to put their money where their mouth is, they want to totally waste 200 million baht of some tarted up teen that appeals to 10/12 year olds let them pay her with their money then get re embursed with the money they say she will generate, this is total BS figures like everything else they do with fake figures. The govt needs to fire all these idiots before they trash the country, with covid they will not get anywhere near the numbers they are claiming, its all in their head and they are probably hoping to pocket a lot of that money as well
  2. easier to blame farangs than the pathetic police that really dont care unless there is money to be made from it, so much for their "smart" cars that are supposed to be able to sort this sort of thing out extremely quickly. Takes them many years to find thais that have murdered people but 5 days is too long for a farang to be found, really shows how racist these idiots really are, blaming foreigners instead of accepting that their police force is a joke at best, they are the real criminals as has been shown time and again
  3. the amount of times you come around a bend and find some idiot has stopped in the driving lane to take pics etc has been a problem for years here, too many lack any common road sense what so ever and do not consider any other road users at all
  4. my wife went guarantor for her cousin to get 20,000 baht of tyres/wheels for his car, he actually worked for her at the business she manages. He traded the car in a couple of weeks later on a newer model and no one has seen him since plus he never made any repayments on the new car or the tyres/wheels, you cant even trust your own family let lone an ex husband, only a total fool would sign for an ex husband
  5. I am hand watering in Surat Thani, havent had a decent rain for that long it isnt funny, even the dam only has a metre of water in it.
  6. Went in to get my pfizer jab today, appointment time was 2pm and it said dont come early as they dont want a crowd, turns out everyone had a 2pm appointment so there was a very large crowd. Very poorly organized to say the least, they had to borrow one mans wife to read out the name list as none of the hospital staff was able to do so in english. The forms you had to fill in had very small printing on them and many were unable to read it then after the shot people were just leaving still carrying the form they filled in, no one told anyone that the forms had to be collected before leaving and
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