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  1. Yes, correct. Deep structural reform on both of these issues is needed. Hope to see these issues highlighted more in the popular discourse.
  2. I'm not a beer guy and am probably gonna get flamed for this, but man, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is <deleted> great. Probably the only beer I'd ever drink alone. Never seen it in Thailand tho, unfortunately .
  3. Oh whoops. I did Lasek (the one where they don't cut a flap) but I think it's based on a similar principle. Got it done at 23 or 24 so it's been about 6-7yrs at this point. Haven't noticed deterioration yet and hopefully won't see too much in the future. Still think it's the best money I've spent. Definitely recommend that everyone speak with a specialist before doing any kind of surgery tho.
  4. Did Lasek when I lived in Seoul. Can confirm - best money I ever spent.
  5. Don't know about that. My parents tried their very best to raise me and I turned out nothing like they expected. This lady might well be a bad parent, but there's not enough info in the article to say that for sure.
  6. It does genuinely make me sad to see that Canada has never been mentioned in any of these deliberations. I can't help but feel like that says a lot about how the country's international status has deteriorated in the past decade, likely for reasons that will remain unmentioned.
  7. Fair and well said. The lifestyle you described is basically what I would expect for a household with $1-3M in net assets spending a material part of each year (3mths+) in Thailand. Assuming you and your friend group are relatively well put together I do agree that the country would benefit from more immigrants like you who would be willing to to commit year-round and put down roots.
  8. Fair enough point. I wasn't aware of the number of Elite holders and would've expected more holders. I do think that the proposed visa options are more attractive than Elite, but don't think that they are 10x more attractive. If the quoted Elite numbers are accurate, then it does seem that 100k would be a stretch.
  9. So actually I agree with this. But the thing that I think many forumers miss is that they assume that the nebulous 'wealthy foreigner' will not also find the Thai experience charming. That's why you see so many posts here about how 'wealthy foreigner' would never put up with Thailand's idiosyncrasies. Which I assert is false. In fact, one thing I like about Bangkok is that I can have multiple different lifestyle experiences even within the span of one day. Have said this a bajillion times, but wealthy people aren't a uniform population. Thailand will appeal to some percentage of th
  10. Guilty as charged. I wrote that. I'm pretty glad to see that the poll data so far doesn't support my statement. But I will give myself a pass for writing the quoted comment . I - and others before me - have noted that the sentiment in general on most threads seems to be super pessimistic. And this relates to like, pretty much any topic that seems to come up. Maybe it's just a vocal minority, or maybe retirees just like to gripe as an activity, I don't know. Maybe it's just reflex at this point I do think there are some broader macro trends that Western retirees in
  11. I've been confused about this also. A large portion of the forum seem generally unhappy but it is also rare that I come across a post of someone taking action to improve their situation. But having read the litany of other people's complaints I asked myself well, why am I here? So this post is just me articulating my inner monologue that I'm about to have with myself. Here goes: I get bored easily. No matter where in the world I am, I start getting antsy after a few months in any one location and feel the need to travel. Having just turned 30 this year, with a reasonably successful
  12. But no, tho. I literally wrote in my post that Thailand was a bad place to buy luxury consumer goods. Asia in general is a bad place to buy those goods. Anyone who actually has wealth knows that (i) intercontinental travel is a multiple-time per year activity. You can take advantage of price differences during travel that you were going to do anyway; and (ii) you very quickly run out of consumer goods to buy so that the relative price matters less anyway. You don't even have to be particularly rich to understand the above paragraph. Like, pretty much anyone who has been
  13. Debated whether I should write this comment. Decided to do it. A lot of posters seem to write that Thailand isn't cheap anymore, and I don't know where this idea comes from. Like, can you live luxuriously in Thailand on a minimum gov pension? Maybe not. But why would you expect to be able to do that anywhere? Rather, here's a basic example of how I see it. Let's say I have $2,000/mth budgeted to spend on rent. What would my money get me in other global cities I enjoy vs. what would it get me in Bangkok? The difference is huge. Like, it's legit enormous. You can apply th
  14. The Thai government definitely makes some mind-boggling decisions sometimes. But you know, as a person who is the target market for a couple of the new visa classes being mooted, I don't think that they are bad per se. I anticipate applying for one these visas myself, pending the release of finalized details. I think many of the forum posters occasionally get lost in the mystique of wealth and let that mix with an anti-Thailand bias in general. It's important to remember that there's a pretty big difference between the guy with $3B in net worth and the guy with $3M.
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