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  1. no problem, another 20 years going thru court and theyll all be dead
  2. with the general increase in wealth in the village over the last 12 years when it went from tin shacks to concrete houses, then they all started putting in aircon.............but they forgot one vital thing....... no insulation, poorly fitting doors windows so they waste so much energy its unbelievable. I built with double block walls with air gap and 4 inch insuolation over all ceilings, all windows air tight you have a job opening the doors into rooms. With all that I have a small house 50m2 one 12k aircon bill is 1680 in hot season on 24/7 set at 26c..........note many Thais seem to prefer 16-18c crazy. If i did it again I would install solar but now cant be arsed .
  3. cant believe how much sheit women need................already told her shes still as ugly with it on as off, dont stop her buying that uselss crap.
  4. Huh, I live 250km away from my Wife, if I lived with her all day it would do my head in, see her maybe 1-2 times a month, I can barely stand being with myself let alone anyone else.
  5. Christ , Granny must be really desperate to do ole potato head!
  6. Oh god Nooooooooooooooooo anyhting but namplate removal...........anything, doesnt get more serious than that!!
  7. u cant make this sheite up............... or is it just click bait for the old fogies on TV?
  8. They need to try harder, way harder I mean c'mon elite visa 20 yr price1 million upped to 5 million..........maybe give elite a call for some advice. Bet Elite visas die a death at those dumb prices
  9. you really need to know that a solid white line is, its a STOP line and all this drivel about "side road" is irrelevant. Change your name to safety last, certainly hope you dont ignore solid white lines when youre out. Anyone crossing that junction coming from the white suv side needs to stop, anyone who doesnt is a moron who should be locked up. Beggars belief on how you can see it any other way.
  10. It was hotter 5-6 years ago followed by 3-4 years where there was a lot more rain. This year is drier but not the driest since ive been here 12+ years, seems like Mr Mango didnt plan for watering his trees just hoped it would rain. Meanwhile up the hill by me there are many mangos not wilting without water,with fruit............all this in Parchuap
  11. The whole video is about infrastructure but keep playing stupid fukkin games if u like
  12. yet you posted a video from a journalist (at best). The infrastructure isnt there and charging is too slow. Id take Sabines view over the bimbo woman.
  13. no show the uncensored image first ..................so Thais can remember how they used to dress all the time
  14. again its about the infrastructure not whether evs are good or bad
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