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  1. wow 68 whole cubic meters thatll really fix thing, now about the other 10million m3
  2. pardon my stupidity...which one, Ive lost track just like when all the vaccines were going to be arriving
  3. are you mad? who the hell would go back to damp, wet, cold, misbul UK......I know ur only jellus as the Wife would say
  4. They should follow best practices as used by the Thai police who under interrogation use 6 plastic bags for "their" safety........there can be with all things side effects such as death
  5. Maybe they dont have a sense of humour either
  6. as daft as their doorstop placement right next to the hinge, nuts just right to rip the hing out of the frame or door
  7. what tosh the price of almost everything they grow has gone thru the floor, many abandoned fields as it aint worth growing anything at the moment
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