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  1. Someone recently posted that they have a truckload of second hand english books to be rid of. I read a book a day but probably need to get out more. Damn, I can not find the post from that person. If they are crime/horror I'll take them off your hands. Canterbury Tales and Cafe, soi Chaiapoon, (old soi pothole) just off soi Lengkee and soi Diana would love them. Give Dave a call. He is on google at Canterbury Tales.
  2. Hang on. She was 22, and 10 to 15 years younger than you? She has to be one or the other age or somewhere in between. You can't just make numbers up. That is what TAT does. Funny make believe story though. Good post.
  3. That is a absolute shocker photo of a baht bus. Haven't stopped laughing
  4. I like to see the Dow Jones numbers each morning. The day will either be exhilerating or horribly depressing. How do Pattaya people start their day?
  5. I got a taste of Thailand playing cricket in the Chiang Mai international 6's in '93 and spent a few days in Pattaya. Went off back home and did what needed to be done until '06 and started partying in Pattaya 3 or 4 times a year. Came back in 2013 to live. East Pattaya, Soi Khaotalo has so much to offer. Wine, women, song....if only they were open. Why do people enjoy bagging Pattaya, .......bad experiences?
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