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  1. My wife needs proof that she paid for something a few years ago, so she went to kasikorn bank to request a bank statement from that specific period. The account had been closed a year ago but that shouldn't matter. Clerk: "No hab!" Supervisor: "mai mee!" Manager: "sent to vault, buried very deep, cannot get". Banks are legally obligated to keep all financial records for 10 years, at least in my country! I suppose it's the same in Thailand. What can we do? Get a lawyer involved? This is exactly one of the reasons why we left Thailand, the incompetence, the laziness a
  2. Yeah, i've considered it but the car already lost 65 ~ 70% of its value since we bought it new 9 years ago. Wife also has a hard time letting go of material things... haha. Nah, once the pandemic is a bit under control then we plan to visit Thailand again for holidays once or twice a year. We prefer to have our own car than renting one.
  3. I'll look into that fuel stabilizer. Why disconnect the battery if someone starts the car once a month or so? And yes, it's under a roof.
  4. Our car will be left idle again for 2 years or so, we don't plan to visit Thailand until then as we now live in the EU, and we don't feel like traveling during this pandemic. What can be done to minimize breakdown? What we're doing now: - Car parked in a carport, roof / shadow covers the car but during a short time sunlight (UV) hits the wheels. - PVC car cover. - Have someone turn on the engine and air conditioning for 15 minutes once a month. The Michelin tires which we purchased 3 years ago (only driven for 2000km) already show some small cracks, probably d
  5. When i still lived in Thailand (pre-covid era) with my wife we often went to visit shopping malls in BKK. Call me weird but i enjoyed strolling in those gigantic complexes, people watching, being called hansum, having a bite and then watch a movie at SF cinema or major cinema. I just stumbled upon a few video's on youtube about some guys walking through the malls like MBK, paragon, central word, emporium etc. It looks so dead, with sometimes an eerie feeling to it. Do Thai not visit the malls anymore because of fear to catch COVID, or simply because of economic reasons? I know most of you
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