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  1. I’ve never had a problem in 15 years in Bangkok. Agent has always made the introduction to the owner then I’ve dealt direct with the owner. this is my first experience with a “property manager” never again
  2. I used to love a couple of great ones in NaKluea, both real homely inside with great food last time I walked past they were gone for good caravan is still open, and it’s still great
  3. Yes I think that’s good advice. Forget it it’s only 20K I can’t wait to get away from the cess pool of Pattaya, frankly. I tried it for a while and did not like it much. All the boring dodgy people everywhere back to civilisation I think (Bangkok)
  4. Contract is between me and the property manager. I guess that’s the problem here, she breaks the contract and does a runner and im left without anything between me and the owner. should have gone with my gut and walked away from this before signing. im used to dealing with owners direct in BKK rather than dodgy crooks in Pattaya
  5. I was thinking of not even going to the police, as there really isn’t anything in it for them. I had a funny feeling about this agent all along, something was never quite right, but Juristic said she was legit and had lots of tenants in that building. to be honest, I think the whole thing stinks and regret leaving BKK for Pattaya
  6. Yes, but the issue there is that the owner is in China and there is really no way of me getting anything out of him unless he is feeling generous. He might as well just write it off and turf me out, as he can’t do anything to the agent from there
  7. Yes I have her Thai ID number (didn’t take a copy of, but verified the number on the contract matched the card) and know her real name. She has purged all her Facebook accounts, but left a few things up on other sites that are harder to take down, and some are cached. as I say, lots of people in my building are in the same boat as me, actually most are in much worse as they paid all upfront.
  8. So my agent / property manager has done a runner. Apparently 25 or more units in my building have been affected. What she (and others) did was get people to pay 6 months up front and basically not pass any of it onto the owners (who are mostly in China) I didn’t pay 6 months up front, but my deposit has gone and the rent has not been going to the owner. Some people have been asked to leave due to non Paying of rent. ive been told by an agent I need to go and file a police report, but they won’t do anything as the agreement is between me and the property manager. As far as
  9. Austria Cyprus Finland Greece Iceland The Netherlands Spain Sweden Switzerland thats just EU basically, you have no idea what you are talking about
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