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  1. There is a lot of fantasy in your post. I would start work on your GoFundMe page now, so you don’t have to work while you are sick.
  2. We are seeing countries successfully reducing new infections as vaccinations increase. Even Israel.
  3. Some reporters are groaningly stupid. I don’t take media reports on Covid that seriously.
  4. Are you fighting the evil dictators who are forcing kids to get polio shots?
  5. All vaccines depend on technology. You just don’t like Covid vaccines because your internet friends send you lies about vaccines, and most of those lies are generated by Russian disinformation factories. Here’s a hint for you: Sinovac is a traditional killed virus vaccine.
  6. If the goal is to increase tourism in November, they need to make some quick decisions.
  7. Yet another anti-vaxxer who thinks they had Covid early last year, but was never tested. Anyway, Delta doesn’t care about natural immunity from earlier variants. If you are unvaccinated, the odds are pretty good that you will be exposed, sooner or later, and then you are in danger of going the ventilator route.
  8. Since I was exposed to my infected friend, I went to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for RT-PCR, and fortunately I am Covid negative. I never bothered with an antigen test.
  9. I am always curious when individuals are exposed to Covid, but are not infected. There should be more research into that.
  10. To recap: TAT is stupid. Thailand cannot expect large numbers of visitors if the bars are closed. Thailand cannot expect large numbers of visitors if they have to comply with large numbers of requirements. The proposed new web site has to be up and running soon, or there will be a big mess the first week of November. There isn’t enough testing . Some people here don’t like the government. I hope I can avoid pages of repetitive complaints.
  11. We still don't have a lot of information. Any data indicating that bats don't carry something very similar to the Covid virus tells us that the Batwoman didn't do it, since she just collected bat guano. I suspect that anyone in Wuhan who tried to modify existing bat viruses is long dead.
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