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  1. Which tells us you don't understand Marxism or Liberalism and why they are different. Not even the formerly Socialist UK Labour party has anything to do with Marxism these days. Practically speaking, Trump is closer to the Communist leadership style, with power focused in the Executive.
  2. Trump seems okay when he does his courthouse rants, it's only rally speeches that trip him up. Maybe he gets tired, because his speeches are so long. The debates aren't that long, so Trump should be okay.
  3. Asking about the charges against Trump over and over, even after they have been posted here. I am hereby inventing a term for your lame technique called: "Groundhog Day Trolling".
  4. Are you sticking to your assertion that unless I have memorized the charges against Trump that he must be innocent?
  5. We will see how honest Trump fans are if Biden does well at the debate.
  6. Given that the Defense has yet to contradict the Prosecution's narrative, that is a probable outcome. Conversely, if the Defense were doing an effective job, conviction would be a shock.
  7. If you admit that Trump used business fraud to cover up a campaign finance violation, then you won't be shocked when Trump is convicted.
  8. Trump's Defense team doesn't seem to think it's hilarious. Claiming that the felony charges against Trump are funny is not the great defense you think it is.
  9. The point is that Trump fans will claim that Trump wins if he just shows up. However, as happened the last two times, Trump's manic performance will lose the popular vote for him, lots of swing voters will abandon Trump after the first debate, unless Biden has a complete collapse.
  10. So you don't mind if Trump is convicted. Good for you. I suspect that a lot of voters won't vote for a convicted felon.
  11. Cohen went to jail for the campaign finance violation that Trump tried to cover up with business fraud. The cover-up makes it a felony.
  12. There is no point in predicting if there will be a debate, or how well they will do. If neither candidate collapses on the stage, they will call it a win. Both candidates will say something stupid, and there will be plenty of material for posts here.
  13. The payment to Stormy Daniels was a campaign finance violation that Michael Cohen pled guilty to. Trump committed business fraud by trying to cover up the campaign finance violation. You will forget this by tomorrow. Yeah, the jury may decide it's only a misdemeanor.
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