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  1. It might be eggs. Over the past 3 years I have recently been experiencing indigestion and heart burn after eating eggs. This maybe a body change as I am now 50+. I have tested different ways of eating eggs, but fried eggs and boiled seem to bring in my indigestion. So now I eat scrambled eggs, which is fine.
  2. A wise approach if done correctly. Having an online show will be just like watching TV. A live event. what is the difference ?
  3. Should have signed up for Covax instead of playing political gains making AZ the local producer, thinking they could make money in SE Asia. 3 Million doses DONATED to Vietnam by COVAX arrives in HCMC... Not 'to be administered', 'will be administered', 'going to be administered' These vaccines are delivered and on the ground in Vietnam !! Source: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/3-mln-moderna-vaccine-doses-reach-vietnam-4330091.html
  4. This is somewhat hard to believe that a fish had 3 of them. finding a pearl naturally is extremely rare. I was lucky to find a small irregular pearl earring oysters in France during the 90’s but it was just for sentimental value as the shape made it worthless. There must be an oyster farm somewhere in the vicinity that has lost some strings of its attachment. Oysters are glued or tied to the strings and attached, so they have not been able to escape, and hence, the finds due to predators eating these. A sure way to find out if they are cultured is to X-ray them to see if there is
  5. Wow. So many people posting here that are reporting their movements across the country, when it is clear that the government is telling people not to do it. People traveling are just in positions to potentially spread the virus further. But expats are different from everybody else and can do what they want. I forgot, sorry.
  6. Once again. Future ’to be’ administered. As opposed to ’were administered’ Thailand is full of future tenses and never present done tenses.
  7. It seems to me that all expats cannot live without alcohol!! That is a shame. Maybe we will have some valid and sober messages and inputs into this forum over the next 2 days with sober people that always moan and groan. I hope you wake up peacefully without the normal run to the toilet to poo liquid with the amount of alcohol your body cannot digest. Also I hope you do wake up peacefully. That is a sober way to wake up. It is great.
  8. Again, the headline says ‘to be’ purchased. Each post I see on this forum that have been sourced from other news media outlets always state that vaccines: will be, to be, going to be, will be purchased. Always future events. Most people here would love to see news stating that vaccines: were bought, were ordered, confirmed, delivered, and so on.
  9. It is a shame that covid is now finally running its course in SE Asia, when all the countries seemed to have not been infected by the original strain when the pandemic started. This delta variant is known and published to be more transmissible and it seems that the SE Asian populations are not immune to this.
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