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  1. Not any concern at all. Just take it away from the idiots
  2. It was not posted to help the poster, more than to make the poster aware of the danger he puts other people in.
  3. Why would you even ask such a question? If there is vaccines available, people should vaccinate. Ok, I might be wrong, and you have underlying conditions that states you can not be vaxxed. That vaccination would put your life in donger. That is the only valid reason for not getting vaccinated. If you just refuse, you should take your responsibility and stay home to protect others until the virus goes away.
  4. I suggest you read the headline in the news I commented. There you will find your answer. Not to worry, I am here to help if you might stumble over something else. Just feel free to ask.
  5. Good to know! When you compare like that, all the virologists in the world is going to love you.
  6. You need a 13 digit number that you should have been given after your 2nd shot. That one will work, if you also registered you phone number in the vaccination info. If you do not have a 13 digit code, you can get one at the hospital responsible for the vaccinations in the area you got your shots. You have to go to the administration office in the hospital. If your phone number if not registered in the vaccination information in the computer system you will also have to add that at the same hospital. After that is fixed you should be able to log in with your 13 digit number. S
  7. Sure! No problem. I think you even can fly an airplane in Thailand without a license or knowledge. It´s al about who you know.
  8. RTP Chief do not know??? Why is that strange? It´s not the first time other people know more than the police regarding the work they are supposed to do.
  9. Hell Yeah! Just put a tax on it! It´s easier than educating people.
  10. I guess they have to look closer to home! Then they will find him. In the kingdom of officials!
  11. Another one that got too scared and nervous! That´s why the hair fell off.
  12. Ok! I guess everybody concerned will get the same message. But Hey! Thank you for informing everyone that is not concerned. I appreciate it!
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