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  1. Yeah, sure! That he asks reporters why they not write about the numbers going down, we just look away from.
  2. Oh, you mean that you have put yourself way down the pecking order. Guess that´s life if you come here without sufficient economics. A life and a relationship in Thailand is not suitable for everyone. Especially, not in a country where money talks.
  3. 1. Because they are the only two that can manage to unite most of the population. 2. You know the answer to your second question, right? After you have been the most active in this thread with 16 posts, I must congratulate you over the effort to avoid answering the question below. As the person that received the question refuse to answer it, I will do. The thing is very simple. He was convicted for all his alleged crimes during the reign of military regime. As for a fact, we all know that is not something that is accepted as fair and lawful trials in the internatio
  4. Yeah, and now he can put same concentration on someone that wants reporters to tell the numbers are going down.
  5. That´s ok. All under control, folks. Just a temporary top. It will be better in a few weeks. That information comes from Prayut.
  6. Isn´t it illegal to report fake news? Yeah, a raise in numbers usually means it´s on it´s way to get better. And that goes well together with vaxxing a million per day next month? He do know that a month have about 30 days, right?
  7. Yes, a dip in economy usually get such a reaction. However, it might be so bad, that nobody can afford to produce anyway.
  8. Just as information. Here the family sleep together until the children leave home many times. It has to do with what step on the society ladder they belong to. The poorer and less educated they are, they tend to sleep together longer. However, your situation is horrible. If it was me, I would just set her straight. I assume she do not have an income and get a fairly good life out of your money. There you have all the reason and explanation you need.
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