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  1. It's not racist to point out the obvious truth. If you can't handle it, that's on you. The point being that being racist is not limited to geographic locations or ethnic origin. Understand?
  2. I am lucky enough to still be working, but have to travel to get there, that is now insanely painful with all the requirements. I did get the sputnik vaccine while I was there last hitch, but I still was required to quarantine for two weeks on my return here, which is completely idiotic and not based on any science or common sense. But, I have made this place my permanent home base since 1997, all my friends and all my belongings are here. I am staying regardless. Just hope vaccines are going to be the answer to the draconian measures that are destroying the people fa
  3. Thank you for the arrogant lecture and condescension. The point was and still is valid. Get over it.
  4. Let's be blunt. Most Asian countries are rabidly racist and xenophobic, anyone who has traveled and worked in these countries know that without any doubt. But somehow, the narrative is that only one race is racist..... Imagine that. Perhaps all countries should adapt the Japanese immigration policies?
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