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  1. The PM SAID it would and his word is good as gold, right?
  2. Same here. I bought a new low end Lenovo, took it home, and within four hours I destroyed it. I wouldn't even give it away, I wanted that garbage destroyed!
  3. And water will remain wet for the foreseeable future.
  4. It doesn't appear on this list: http://win10upgrade.toshiba.com/win10cu/ModelList.aspx?region=TAIS&lang=en&country=US And - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Win 7 is fine for what you described were her requirements.
  5. OP said "bring a bike" into the kingdom. If you ship it, you will most likely be charged duty. If you bring as luggage on a flight, just tell the immigration inspector you bought it in Thailand. When travel was simple, I regularly shipped my beloved Schwinn to the states and back, every trip. I was only questioned once and when I told the inspector, "I bought in Thailand," he waved be on, having done his duty, probably not wanting to bother with the paperwork.
  6. I ride my pushbike regularly around Pattaya. The routes often take me along Pattaya Beach Road, Second Road, and Pattaya Klang. I see the same homeless at the same places. They are not starving as there are enough Good Samaritans making sure food is provided, but they are otherwise completely destitute with no hope for their future. I also ride regularly up Siam Country Club Road, sometimes going into the big market. There are similar destitute beggars in the market and along the road. To answer the OP's question, I doubt there is any danger of being mugged in the daytime. Given the natur
  7. 55k and Bangkok? That would be a shoestring budget. No nice accommodations, not much money for travel, more of an existence than a happy, carefree retirement. On that amount I'd consider Jomtien or Bang Saen beach as a better choice.
  8. Two Pfizers thanks to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Also got my vaccine passport with this app you can download from Google Playstore: หมอพร้อม I've heard mixed reviews of success using the app. It worked form me the first time.
  9. Could this be part of the reason the baht is creeping back down again?
  10. Once again, it's policies like this that the Benny Hill theme song was written.
  11. That takes guts to countermand the "promise" from those higher up on the food chain.
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