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  1. Nah, don't buy that. ANYONE who knows you either ignores you or jumps in with both feet to wrestle in the mudfests you create. Arguing with you is a total waste of time. I know you will always reply with some trite crap, that's just who you are. Your turn.
  2. Looks like you're relatively new here. Welcome to the world of Bob! 😄
  3. One more time: On the Thai social ladder, you are one rung below the soi dog that comes by occasionally to pee on your tires.
  4. When they're finished here, go to the other end of the beach and clear up some of those wrecks on Soi 6.
  5. Two years ago I woke up with sudden onset arthritis in my knees. I couldn't walk up or down 3 steps without severe pain. I went to a specialist, had x-rays done, and the first thing she said was lose 30 pounds. I dropped half of that and got my knees back. I'm still fighting to lose the other half, and for now I'm just glad to get back the mobility I have.
  6. Yeah, I believe he's the one. I tried to talk to him casually once, he made it clear to back off.
  7. We're not allowed to talk about that.
  8. A school I worked at had a teachers' weekend "retreat" (it was actually just having us hand out pamphlets on the sidewalk for one of their new schools opening in the neighborhood). On Saturday night we were required to provide a teaching lesson. One particular lesson I actually liked was one on critical thinking. The following Monday I tried applying that lesson in one of my classes. A supervisor walked by and shut me down quick, fast, and in a hurry.
  9. I just logged out and in again, my reply is still there. Must be something on your side.
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