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  1. Thanks for your input. First, I see no need whatsover to buy another SIM. Secondly, I use my phone frequently to receive SMS messages for 2FA. If you read my other posts you will see this is crucial. If I was to use an outdoor router and mount it up high I would not choose an indoor model like yours, nor would I hold it in place with an octopus strap. At least mounted up high your kids won't electrocute themselves on that plug arrangement you have set up. Here is what a waterproof, outdoor, SIM router looks like. You should get one to replace your jimmy rigged deat
  2. Thanks for your input. At this stage I have no intention to go for a sim router. At my old house I had a better phone signal than where I am at present and my TRUE unlimited data sim 10mbps ran just fine. I could have multiple movie and other windows open and the speed was sufficient for my needs. I was using the same phone I currently still have. If I bought a sim router I would still have to buy a roof top aerial (that was 4g compatible) and a run of at least 10m of coax cable and would have to ensure that the coaxial was fitted with the correct sma or N male or female ends t
  3. That's exactly what is going on. And it is not by accident. It was the plan from day one and the opportunity to further devastate the finances of workaday Thais with lockdowns has been a massive cherry on top.
  4. That is why I used the chanote with the usufruct. It is link to my passport a copy of which is kept on file at the land office with the original usfruct documentation.
  5. Boy I am gullible. I read this headline and was expecting a Wolf of Wallstreet sexfest scenario...
  6. Polished concrete with TOA 200 flooring Plus coating.
  7. EVERYONE farms chanote titled land. That is how they avoid property tax. When you get a chance swing by my place and I will show you a near by beachside plot of 9 rai that just sold for 2.6 Billion baht. They are currently planting it out with rows of coconut trees.
  8. Yes I have had similar thoughts about this...Just another way the Oz government is trying to make it more difficult for people to live outside the country.
  9. You don't need a lawyer because you don't need a written contract. As I stated above just make an oral agreement with the vendor for the sales price with him to pay all taxes and transfer costs. Then arrange a time to meet at the land office. Written contract means a deposit....increasing the risk to the buyer significantly. Oral contract means no deposit, no agent, no lawyer and no drama. Or do you want a written contract because you are scared of getting gazumped in the present white hot Thai condo market?
  10. This is true also but not at all offices. Twice at different locations the attending land office officer translated my name from my passport. On another four occasions (all at different offices) I was asked how to spell my name. I just gave them a copy of a chanote where I am listed on the back (in Thai) as the usufructuary.
  11. This is correct. 1. Always ensure that you negotiate a sales price with Vendor to pay all tax and transfer costs. 2. Request copy of Chanote and copy of Vendor's ID card (Thai) or passport (Farang) 3. Check to make sure ID matches name on Chanote. 4. If land (not condo) check (whoa chanote) peg numbers match those on Chanote. 5. Get your bank to issue a cashiers check for full purchase amount in the name on Chanote. 6. Go to Land office. Give them a copy of your passport. They will check the back of the chanote to ensure it is clear of any encumbrances and
  12. I have a wise account. I emailed them to ask if they could send me a card. They replied saying not available to someone in Thailand. If you live here full time like myself, can you please explain how you obtained their card.
  13. Collapsed fisheries, dead coral, filthy trash covered beaches...A casino is Phuket's only hope. I have been saying this to anyone that would listen for more than a decade. The first legal casino in Thailand will be located in the existing hotel nestled against the mountain on the south western corner of Nai Harn beach.
  14. No one has noticed the elephant in the room yet... What breed of dog?
  15. Hmm. @Bruno123 ragged on me for not doing tests. I provide extensive test results and he doesn't comment?
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