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  1. How many Brits have sunk their life savings into a bar on the Costas, Majorca, Ibiza and the Canaries after spending holidays there most having know knowledge of how to run a business never mind a bar and lost everything.
  2. It’s like revolving a door as soon as a bar closes a new owner moves in rips it to bits and opens again.
  3. Scooters in Soi Bukhao did at one time as well.
  4. Similar to franchisee pubs in England, you are tied to buy the alcohol/products from owner at an inflated price.
  5. Take a lot of customers to warrant that price albeit it is usually busy, the last time I was in there one of the ladies approached me, quite a stunner really and said my p**** is open 24 hours a day, straight forward and to the point, I didn’t take her up on it though.
  6. They are are not bothered not many Thais are as judgmental as you plus it’s putting food in their stomachs.
  7. Water throwing allowed only from Second Road Sois to Beach Road, keep Soi Bukhao water free then again who is going to Police it ?
  8. You are being very judgmental, it’s probably all these people can afford, criticising people you don’t even know, just because they dress down doesn’t make them lower class or bad people, what’s do you regard yourself as ?
  9. People going home but also eating places and carts get no business for a week as customers don’t want to be drenched and the people with carts don’t want their food ruined with water.
  10. On my walk abouts on afternoon in the last few weeks down Soi 7 & 8 the bars are empty some closed, is this their way of trying attract customers ?
  11. I would like to know when Songkran developed into a water throwing event with water pistols etc instead of the cleansing of hands ?
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