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  1. No. You need something beyond the antibodies to fight an already infected cell. "The information we have today indicates that the T cell-mediated response is as or more important than the immunity provided by antibodies." Your T-cells will remember. https://www.clinicbarcelona.org/en/news/can-you-be-protected-against-covid-19-without-antibodies
  2. Yes, and it contradicts this study which is more convincing to me: https://www.clarkcountytoday.com/news/israeli-study-shows-natural-immunity-delivers-13-times-more-protection-than-covid-vaccines/
  3. Probably anywhere then. But in many parts you can travel without any COVID related documents, otherwise you couldnt take trains and buses. I guess that in those blue zones where they expect tourists no one will care.
  4. As there was a lot of speculation but not much actual travel experience on the train, I called Thai Railways: YOU DONT NEED ANY VACCINE CERTIFICATE TO USE ANY TRAIN RIGHT NOW. The same goes for buses from RRC (Rong Reuang Coach) Pattaya to BKK ("our government does NOT require any documents"). So you can expect the same for other bus companies. Nor are seats in buses or trains limited because of COVID.
  5. No. Everyone can pass the virus. But fat and diabetic "block" ICUs, too. In Germany that struggles a lot the COVID cases are still the minority in the ICU. Since when do we judge by disease or by lack of prevention?
  6. Because I believe there is strong enough evidence that the current vaccines will backfire. We will see, no one knows for sure.
  7. Wrong. I just wait for Novavax. It's simply not here yet but will come according to my doc.
  8. I meant checkpoints at the train or bus stations. How unfair then, if with a car that could be stuffed with people or perhaps even a minibus there is a different policy.
  9. I don't think so. It's customer boycott. I don't give profit to vaccine makers of the country who is responsible for the disease. Actually, not a lot was done so far to punish China. That's the least I can do.
  10. I have no sympathy ... What if others have no sympathy for the smoker who got lung cancer, the fast food addict who got a blood clot etc, all blocking the ICUs. That's not how it works, at least it shouldn't be for docs.
  11. I expected that. The point is that checkpoints seem to be rare.
  12. Current vaccines are based on the alpha variant. Those docs don't understand T-cell and B-cell response. There are good videos that explain it.
  13. I also don't get why some believe vaccinated won't get ventilated or die. First you are not promised a 100 percent protection. Second vaccinated people die, just look at the outcome stats under death.
  14. There is already in vitro proof of DNA repair damage through the spike protein which then could also be induced by the vaccine. If this is confirmed in vivo, some vaccines become a time bomb. So the warnings are sufficient. Recently a 25 percent increase of heart disease was predicted in a simulation. I follow those studies and take them seriously.
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