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  1. This forum is full of people with the same lack of compassion. Hardly unusual for Asean Now.
  2. Can't leave well enough alone. Gotta screw up what they've already approved. Got it right the first time, now it's time to pull the classic Thai ploy of destroying progress. It's been the Thai way down through history "ready, fire, aim".
  3. When you are totally immune from criticism because of defamation laws, it makes sense to do as little as possible. No repercussions and no accountability.
  4. Ditto....but I predict the days of cannabis are numbered. Cambodia has a golden opportunity if Hun Manet can take advantage of it.
  5. The RTP should be celebrating. They can once again fill up the jails with drug offenders. The possibilities for "brown envelopes" are limitless.
  6. I've never found them friendly or happy unless you are paying them. The nicest people money can buy.
  7. It's called being OUTVOTED. When the rest of the world rejects your stance on Lese Majeste, a government can be said to have taken "cultural sensitivity" a bit too far. The world does not need another North Koria or Saudi Arabia.
  8. Translation: American farang gets tired of abuse from family and government sources and retaliates. Now he faces ten times the punishment he would receive in civilized countries and the family will get NOTHING after the police get through draining his bank account. Thai justice is done.
  9. Until full clarification, I will do nothing. If forced to pay Thai taxes, I will move to Cambodia.
  10. It will end when it becomes illegal. When the punishment is heavy enough to guarantee mercy, that is when you will get it.
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