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  1. The current suicide rate is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. I have a friend who has a close friend who is an EMT in Bangkok. She said they are often called out to a home, and there is anywhere from one to six people who have committed suicide. She told us recently they were called out, and the mother, father, three children, and the grandmother were found dead, from drinking poison. They left a note. There is 200 baht in the drawer. That is all we have. We cannot take care of the children any longer. There is no hope left. We cannot work, as they will not let us, and we cannot aff
  2. “Suppose Lisa’s appearance attracts a million foreign tourists into Thailand and each of them spends an average of 75,000 baht, this will translate into 75 billion baht in foreign exchange,” said Adit, adding that it is a very rare occasion that a Thai-born artist has shot to worldwide fame with just one music video reflecting the Thai identity. This man is living on another planet. At a time when suicide, homelessness and unemployment are skyrocketing, this nincompoop thinks a million people will come to Thailand because she will be here for a couple of days? What planet is he liv
  3. I know many on Samui who will not re-open. They put their life savings into trying to stay afloat, got little or no assistance from this stingy government, and ended up plowing through their savings, trying to keep their businesses running. Eventually they shut down. A promise from an administration that lacks even 1% credibility at this stage, is not going to be enough to get most businesses re-started. So, the tourists will show up, but what will they see? And when the word gets around, that the tourist areas of Thailand look like a post apocalyptic disaster zone, will any more
  4. I have never been much of a fan of Vietnam, but Thailand has always lacked the "cool" factor. There are a small percent of the youth that are bordering on hip, but the nation has always lacked that kind of character, been way too conventional, square, conservative, and thinking outside of the box is discouraged on nearly every level. And that does not seem to be changing. Thailand is odd, different, bizarre, and strange, but not quirky.
  5. So, man up, get some courage from somewhere, start behaving like adults, realize this is not Bubonic plague, nor the Zombie Apocalypse, open everything back up, and let the people get back to work, you imbecilic creeps!
  6. “We are in a hurry to lower the numbers of homeless people and beggars in Pattaya before the re-opening. At the same time, we are doing this in a compassionate, caring manner and not locking people up, fining them for money they don’t have, or other hard enforcement tactics. If anyone sees homeless or beggars in Pattaya who they believe need assistance they can call us anytime at our 1300 hotline.” Ms. Raewadee added. “In the future, we are going to have mobile units to help these people. We will help to send them home or get jobs for them. Many are not Thai and are migrant workers who l
  7. When you have an crazed leader, who shuts down parks, gyms, swimming pools, and other places where one can maintain their sanity, and blow some steam off, this is what you end up with. Especially for a population that is not big on exercise to begin with. Gyms, pools, parks, beer and wine are NOT dangerous. Incapable leaders are very dangerous.
  8. Never forget, they are local franchisees, not law enforcement officers. It is not uncommon to see a situation like this, with no resolution.
  9. Strike off buying designer clothes at the mall. Few foreigners have an appetite to pay double or triple what they would pay back home, no matter how much money they have. Just another nail in the coffin of Thai tourism caused by stunning ignorance, a total lack of vision, and greed.
  10. I agree with what you are saying. But, I will go a step further, and say I hope in this lifetime, I never learn to understand the Thai perspective. It is a rabbit hole I am not interested in climbing into. Is it a complete lack of logic and common sense? It seems that way to us, but I am sure it is deeper than that.
  11. You want to find the human traffickers? Just look at the high ranking cops, army officials, and cabinet members. A simple task. If only you were a sincere man.
  12. Just one of the reasons why Thailand will never attract more than 15 wealthy tourists a year. High end service is just not up to par here.
  13. Are you aware of why wealthy tourists AVOID Thailand? Here are just a few things you could do, or suggest, if you were a serious man. 1. Get rid of Anutin and submit your own resignation, Prayuth. You are an abomination. You are two of the least competent ministers in this hapless administration. You and A need to be replaced with talented people who have real experience in their fields and creative minds. Less xenophobia helps too. 2. Lower luxury taxes to 20%. This would help Thailand to attract some wealthy tourists again. Most wealthy people love to spend real money while on vacation
  14. The only thing these fake puritans will succeed in doing, is driving the sex industry further underground. It will not disappear. It is too much a part of Thai culture, and there are not enough opportunities for Thai women to make good money. Even with a college degree, for the most part. So, they will simply put the nightclubs, and the bars out of business. And Tinder, escort services, and online apps will flourish here. The nitwits are once again shooting themselves in the foot, and shrinking the economy. This will result in significantly lower tourism numbers, as most do not wa
  15. Prayuth should resign today. I know. I should have taken the vaccine thing more seriously. I know, I should have had a more qualified health minister. I know, my pathological fear of the optics of a lockdown are causing many more cases than need be. And I know, I should have been more diligent with the borders, I should have cracked down on corrupt immigration officials, and kept my promise to fight corruption, and I should have used my army soldiers for something. Anything. I forget there are 550,000 of them. They would have been perfect for controlling the border. And they would have actuall
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