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  1. Funny. It was done out of humor. But, I like constructive criticism. So, thanks.
  2. It would be easy to dwell on his different Thailand was, way back when. But, the whole world has changed. Spent some on Phuket a few years back. Was first there in 1976. No resorts. A few bungalows on the beaches. Beachfront land was 1,000 baht a rai. They could not give it away. Went back in 1986. Had developed alot. When to Samui for the first time. It was lovely. They were paving the ring road and there was no airport yet. Again in 1993. Quite a bit more development. Still amazing. Azure seas. Spectacular women everywhere. Great food. Did not return to Phuket unti
  3. The Field of Dreams syndrome. Build it, and they will come. Talk about dreaming. Not only are they expecting tourists to return, they are expecting wealthy tourists to start flocking to Thailand. Utter delusion. There are at least a dozen good reasons why Thailand only gets 100 or less very wealthy tourists a year. Sheer hubris and vanity. Phiphat (and Prayuth) you have made history. 40 or 50 years from now, in the hospitality industry classes at the university level, they will still be teaching about you fools, as the men who presided over the once great industry of
  4. The issue was obviously not Turkey. The issue was a pathologically ill nation named Laos. To engage in that much nonsense, is a serious form of illness. And it is simply more evidence that communism never has, and never will work!
  5. This is most likely by design. You could not do a worse job with education in Thailand, if you were trying to make that happen. So, what is the reality here? Why is it so dismal? Why are they not employing legions of native English speakers? When the teachers are failing the tests they give their students, you know the system is completely broken. You want to improve your standards, fix it. Otherwise, just admit you are engaged in sabotage.
  6. 1. There is absolutely no hope of even a minor revival of tourism until they open all nightlife. 2. They are milking the shutdown for all it is worth. It appears they want to eliminate most nightlife. 3. They simply do not have the courage to fully reopen anytime soon. They are timid and scared and hiding in the corner of the room, hoping a Zombie does not claim them.
  7. The only way to truly understand this pathologically deficient PM, is to realize and comprehend that "his people" are 2% of the population, if that. He has repeatedly demonstrated through policy, action and inaction, that he cares not one iota for the other 98%, and even less for the expat community.
  8. They are a mafia. Gave mine up and decided to self insure, after the 5th or 6th 20% annual hike, without a single claim. I despise insurance companies.
  9. So sorry to hear that. That sounds positively oppressive. Early on in our relationship my wife and I discussed the wonders and value of independence. She did not understand at first, as it is inherent within the nature of most Thais to be overly possessive, jealous and clingy. I told her I would much rather be dead, than live that life. She got it. And we both adore the independence we have to this day. Some accept the nonsense. Some fight it and carve out their dream reality. It is possible.
  10. Tens of thousands have already left, and tens of thousands of expats are in your exact position. As sad as it is to admit, Thailand's future looks very bleak. Prayuth has indeed succeeded. In bringing unhappiness, rising suicide, homelessness, unemployment, and desperation to his people. Woe are the Thai people. Woe is Thailand. Sierra Leone in the making.
  11. An Eskimo pledging to do without seal and whale meat would be far more sincere. An Asian pledging to not eat any rice for rest of their life, would have a better shot at honoring that promise. Sheer and utter nonsense. Transparency, and the freedom to protest and resist tyranny, are the last thing in the world these goons are willing to commit to. This is designed to convince the remaining highly deluded, 2% who are on the fence.
  12. He could remain in Austria for the rest of his life, if he wanted to. The RTP are not much of a threat to anyone, except maybe Thai street vendors, innocent Burmese on Dark Tao, and the occasional restaurant they decide to extort for serving a beer. They are beyond toothless, and some of the least serious "law enforcement" officers on the planet. Any extradition request would be ignored, as the only nations who respect this administration are China, North Korea, Cuba and Kazakhstan.
  13. For awhile anyway. That is what the goons are counting on. However, the people are getting restless and hungry. The armies days are numbered. And if not, Thailand will become the next Burkina Faso. The destruction is nearly complete.
  14. A massive rise in suicides, unemployment, and ensuring unhappiness for the people of Thailand. Prayuth and Anutin. The two most destructive and dangerous men within the nation.
  15. Extreme cowardice, timidity, inconsistent and incoherent policy, and destruction of livelihoods invites defiance. Let us hope the people rise up against the toxic dinosaurs!
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