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  1. What kind of drunken Chav life is this, following me around, sniffing my old man butt? Please, have some self-respect.
  2. Most pathetically passive-aggressive impotent swipe ever. I sense the stench of the English. Crystal Gong show was only 300 baht, in your terms, the same as a lady drink. Don't postpone joy. Bang a gong. Get it on.
  3. Nah, I like posts with prices. My eating out is no personal diss on you. Some people come here to get laid. I got laid at home. We came here to eat. Whatever your $$$-deal is, I hope you like it. But there are other legs to hump here like a demented German Shepard. Don't feel like you have to keep on humping mine.
  4. I said what I did. I didn't say what you should do. How 'bout a nice rubber beer cozy to keep that Chang cold?
  5. I did Qi Gong and the gym 2 days in a row, one after another. The Qi Gong def revs me up for the weights, but a lie-down afterwards is necessary. I read 2 self-published books by a guy who floats down various Thai rivers -pretty good. I just bought the biggest Marshall blue tooth speaker, so I've hitting the Blue Note Jazz label Ballard playlists hard. Food-wise, my wife is back from her Bluegrass Festival in the Blue Ridges and installing a hot tub in our AirBnb (already upping our bookings), so she's been hungry for our favorites. I ordered in a big mezz platter from always stellar Hummus Chiang, Mai for her return We also ordered in 200 baht pad from Ging Grie, our all-time fave Thai place around the corner (soon to be Michelin'd); also Tom Young Goon, stinky Issan somtam, and an order of black sticky rice -pretty much our go-to order. I took some grief here for eating 200 baht pad thai, but it's by far the best I ever had. It's reference-pad thai. We went out to Sushi Umai, which tops every Chiang Mai sushi listing (a deal for the quality) and to a new a/c cafe 90 baht place called JEAB, 500 steps away. It's only a little bit less good than Ging Grie. Sunday, we'll splurge on oysters at Mer by the Ping River -1,500 baht a dozen, but they are monsters. I really missed her, so we've been staring at each other hard for days. I went to a new-agey crystal bowl and gong concert today -if you can call an event where you lie down on a mat and let the vibes wash over you a concert. Prob a one and done. I really wished I hadn't quit weed. Lovely people, will def go back for a workshop or something. Tomorrow, we're going to Church. She wants to meet other older white women. I told her, you gotta fish where the fish are. It's a very liberal, inter-donominational church, so prob not too bad. And it's near the oysters.
  6. They may have moved on. They were saying as much last year. I live hopping distance away, so I'll have look-in for you. But yeah, lovely and a bargain. Beautiful, very quiet soi to stay on. My own weekend thread has some Nimman Recco's. We eat out/order in every single meal from within a 5 minute walk of soi 15.
  7. Accha, by the Nimman1 Mall is a big cut above the usual gravy-sludge. And the have S.Indian food too. 'Order in about every other week.
  8. Strong Recco for Mr Laptop Near CentralW0rld (that's how they spell it). Exemplary service, great prices. Give him a call first to make sure he can do it. It's in a building way back from the street. You need a picture ID to be allowed on the elevator. My own verdict: prob not worth fixing.
  9. Just did an expensive lung wellness thing at Bumrungrad. I'm good. Chronic bronchitis is a frequent problem for old potheads. Chronic bronchitis will def tend to lead to other problems. Most people who give up weed report the same as me. I'm not saying it's fatal; I'm making the very common sense point that inhaling smoke and holding it in is bad for you. How bad, how much? Who knows? I def feel better all around without it. I smoked more than you, and yet also made it a point to leave Chiang Mai for burning season -to protect my lungs. Logic is not a strength usually attributed to potheads.
  10. Why can't people use the basic brains that God gave them and hit the return key to create occasional paragraphs? This fundamental stupidity underlies and explains the bigger stupidity. Agree as per above: the whole story isn't being told her and I detect a whiff of troll-dom.
  11. I am 80 days weed-free and feel the best I have felt in years. I'm still coughing up grey gunk, tho. Weed put that grey gunk in me, and coughing it out can only be to the good. I never met a person who gave it up and regretted. Caveat: most weed quitters are back on it within 2 years. 2nd Caveat: Since I smoked more pot than Bob Marley (he died young, I kept on going) I would never harsh the mellow of someone bonging up by mentioning my new ability (not to mention new inclination) to read 2 books in a week and turn the treadmill up. Leave those degenerates in peace.
  12. If you ban it outright, there will def be much less cannabis use, partic among Thai people. When I lived in England, where it was much less available, I smoked a lot less weed. The premise that the black market is immune to suppression is very specious. It's not 100% effective, but it's not wholly ineffective. You may seen weed use reduction as "no benefit" but many Thai people -who vote- disagree with you. The growing mood I get here is along the lines of: "We've catered to the whities too much for too long. MTGA." Make Thailand Great Again. It's amusing to see so many MAGA righties here arguing that's what's sauce for the goose back home is not -and can never be- sauce for the gander where they are currently enjoying a cheapskate paradise.
  13. Loving this discussion, but banning cannabis is being pursued as a moral issue, much more than as a health issue. The government and a big part of the middle and upper class view THC intoxication as wrong to do. It may be hypocritical to view cigarettes and booze as OK, but just like in the states, among conservative people, most opposers are very comfortable with that double-standard. Constantly reiterating about that double standard is pointless. There is no desire to toss a new vice in the mix, and a lot of pushback against it. Weed is net/net bad for you. This is undebatable. Arguing that it's not fatal-level bad is a very weak argument. Likewise, huffily complaining, "well, it's not bad for ME, personally". I am 100% for full legalization, btw. This is a Buddhist country and Big B was def down on intoxicants. Likewise gambling. The concern about the young is genuine. I was surprised that weed ever got legalized. I won't be surprised if it's not in a year. I hear a lot about harmlessness in this chat, but can anyone point to a societal net gain from weed? Jobs? Mostly low paying, dead end crappy jobs. Tourism? Amsterdam is moving away from weed tourism and is still packed out, as would be Phuket. Money? For whom? Foreigners? The tax base? Short version: What's in it for the Thai Middle Class? They don't want their kids near it and they don't like seeing stores with cartoony leaves on a sign out front. How would you convince them otherwise?
  14. Unless you got here yesterday, you should know that Thailand is the land of no-small-bills. It is your job as a whitie zillionaire -who has plenty of time on his hands- to have the appropriate change to simplify the lives of lovely, hard-working people who are working for 10 bucks a day. Under no circumstances should said poor people be expected to subsidize you, ever.
  15. I'm looking to get out of the house and do something. And it's in The Old City, which I love, but barely visit. They have a tantric sex workshop too. I am so on that.
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