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  1. I'm have practically no experience with or knowledge of electric units, solar panels, watts, etc. so here's my question: The pump advertised in the pic is 750 watts and it appears, based on the offer, that 3 solar panels are needed to feed it. If I were to opt for a 1,500 watt pump, does that mean I would need more / double the number of panels? Thank you
  2. Did you just get off the plane yesterday?
  3. Sorry, no hab. Mai mee dtang. Smile, turn around and walk away.
  4. Hi Sailingmatt! I am now in the market for something similar and stumbled across the DR Field and Brush mower. Did you have any luck finding a store here in Thailand last year when you were looking for one? If yes, then may I ask where? If not, did you find an alternative machine? I found an online store in Indonesia offering a lot of garden equipment, plus the DR Field and Brush mower, at what appears to be very reasonable prices. https://sale-toolshop.com/ Have never heard of them or used them before.
  5. Thank you Neal. That's quite interesting. Definitely something I'm going to try in early May.
  6. A bit of background info first: I grew a mango, variety "nam dok mai" (มะม่วงน้ำดอกไม้), from seed some 7-8 years ago. Then, approximately 6 years ago I planted it out on our land and it has been growing pretty well since then and has grown to a height of about 2.5-3m. Here is my problem: About 8 years later and still no fruit and no blossoms. I know that it takes longer for trees to bear fruit when grown from seed (that's why I now only plant trees which have been grafted), but from what I can gather, mango trees do not need this long to bear fruit. I was wondering (1) when is a good time to graft scions from the same variety onto the mother tree. I have asked Mrs Djayz to help me locate scions, but she's annoyed with me because I "grew tree from seed" and didn't listen to her advice.... 🙄
  7. Call it what you want, justify it anyway you want, but at the end of the day, it's just "take take take".
  8. Call it what you want, justify it anyway you want, but at the end of the day, it's just "take take take".
  9. Call it what you want, justify it anyway you want, but at the end of the day, it's just "take take take".
  10. Thank you for the feedback. I thought about the lack of watering too, but the BIL, who planted grafted durian trees years ago and definitely waters them regularly, is having the exact same problem. Fruit just falling off, despite having had some fruit last year. Missus says it's "too hot". While it is hotter than usual, I fail to see how the extra degree or two can cause the trees so much stress.
  11. Get yourself a grill. I love me some BBQ chicken!
  12. Why should he? He/they have already put up fencing. Chicken owner doesn't give a toss. Why should he/they go to the trouble of surrounding their trees on their property? How is that not obvious?
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