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  1. Whilst I had a licence I was stopped many times but never ever showed my licence
  2. Last time I rocked up with embassy letter,Australian licence and passport,did the practical tests and walked out with 5 year licence.
  3. FWIW ,I am a KBank customer and I also ,several days ago ,requested my recipient account be tagged. Today if I try to send either $1000 or $5000 delivery will be made on Monday
  4. I was hopeful that I would not have to do the peripheral test,last time I successfully passed by timing the applicant before me who had an OK test.
  5. Thanks for the informative posts, unfortunately my licence expired 2 yours ago
  6. My 5 year licence for car expired while I was out of country,how can I get a new licence? I am in BKK
  7. Wise are looking at their transactions with kbank, previously the payment was sent via AUTOMATIC CREDIT DEBIT channel,this has changed to their default payments channel. Hope it turns out Ok
  8. As a KBank customer I receive these free of charge for the past 3 months, For transactions more than 3 months old the fee is 500b per transaction
  9. Normally a 90 day ic done At MTT office but this doesn't correct the problems with overstay,so by doing 90 day report with your extension because it will then be in the master database and fix overstay. Have your lawyer complete a TM47 form and submit it next time you go to immigration
  10. At last some facts, I talked with Kasikorn about these transfers and they advised that these transactions were arriving via a new different "channel"and therefore not processed via Auto credit as before
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