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  1. My step daughter was introduced to a TikTok shop that advertised items that seemed to be good value. On making a purchase she was offered a fee if she could tell friends about their shop,she received some commissions,and told more friends about the commissions she received. Now she was asked to send money as items were out of stock and she would get better commissions. She sent 15000thb,she was then told stock was stuck at customs,need more money to get items cleared by customs. She foolishly sent another 10000thb,end of scam.
  2. I made a reservation this morning on my phone did not encounter any problems, received "appointment confirmed" in the app.
  3. Around 4pm my dtac data Sim gave up, too busy with users chasing results for lucky numbers.
  4. After being an alcoholic for 23 years I breathed a sigh of relief when I blew well below required limit after a couple of beers at a Christmas party. 1st and only time I was ever tested
  5. That is exactly what I was told in 2014 but I could appeal against any cut to payments, not recommended as Returned Resident status could be cancelled together with payments.
  6. I have found EMS tracking stops at the airport, next advice,delivery completed.
  7. Deemony will do this for you as will Western Union. Both have apps on play store. Both use the same exchange rate WU next day delivery,DM 4 days delivery to AU. Or check out international transfers with your Thai bank
  8. You may get an SMS from DTAC offering a renewal via a top-up of your sim number.
  9. Pre WW2 Listening to ABC radio broadcasts of test cricket commentary from Australia v England Test matches played in UK on a "crystal set" with head phones. Digging bomb shelters in our back yard garden. Having sewage connected to replace "night mans"visits.
  10. If you are a Thai tax resident you are looking at an extremely high tax bill , this depends on the origin of your funds
  11. At your next extension you could apply for 250 days and not the 12 month 365 days
  12. Check your application option to provide visa end date,this will be your new permitted to stay until date stamped in your passport. Your report must show your name as is written in your passport ie middle name is required
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