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  1. US democracy is like Henry Ford who would make any color model T , as long as it was black. Bay of pigs
  2. On the other hand, not so much with those other countries to the south . I guess it must be that very spiffy Canadian uniform. Who could be mad at a guy dressed like that? Not me.
  3. we were also vaccinated in the US last April with then Pfizer vaccine. Both me and my wife are getting a shot of Moderna this Thursday in Bangkok. There are a lot of people that paid for Moderna at one of the Hospitals, but by the time their turn came they got a free vaccination from the goverment and are willing to reassign their vaccination and get back the money they paid. You can ask family and friends if they know anyone or you can post a request on FB. beware of scams on FB We were lucky to have a family member who had a friend. Good Luck
  4. Hi Mark, where in the US are you? I would recommend our Builder in Khon Kaen. but your location is a couple of hours away and I am not sure if he would travel that far, also you need a builder nearby so that he would be there all the time, otherwise his workers would do all short of stupid things. His Name is Dook and the company is TC house khon Kaen https://www.facebook.com/dooktanakorn7772 He did a pretty good job in our house , and in the houses of some other expats that I know of in the area . I also was in the US during most of the build, but my wife was there. Dook wa
  5. Not sure if it under reporting by the goverment as a mater of policy, though I would not be surprised if it was. I think that many poorer Thais are apprehensive about being tested when they don't feel well, so the soldier through it, and recover, thus the infection goes under reported.
  6. I was talking to my sister in Italy and she is worried as covid cases are rising fast, same in Greece where my brother is, and as I hear in other European countries. And all of these countries have a significantly higher rate of vaccinations with a better quality of vaccines. So why are cases on the decline here in Thailand with a lower rate of vaccinating and on the rise in Europe? Is it under reporting in Thailand ? is it that we are behind the curve and it is coming here also. Is it that it was here already and we got through it? Or is it something else?
  7. Indeed it was , but the point originally made was not the severity of our or the Chinese reaction but the fact that we also would not allow secession and fought a bloody civil war over it.
  8. We would not allow foreign influence in out back door (Cuba, Nicaragua etc) and those are foreign independent countries, where Taiwan is ethnically and culturally Chinese So why should the Chinese allowed it? Do you think if Texas declared it's independence and then engaged in a alliance with China we would allow it? IMO some times it is better to be asleep than to do stupid things .
  9. I would hope so. A single chopstick would be pretty useless
  10. if the studies that indicate that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated. I think 95%. then even if the effectiveness of the first two shots declines after six months it must still offer a good level of protection because most vaccinated people have not received their booster shots yet but we still dont see many of them in the hospitalization/death statistics. Even so. Both me and my wife will be getting our Moderna booster this Thursday.
  11. Afghanistan did not win any victories, but at least the US learned not to butcher it's own population and instead butcher other country's people, Letch hope the Chines don't learn the same lesson.
  12. The US population during the civil war was about 18 million people , now at 330 million it is 18x more . so as a proportion to the population in todays numbers it would be 13,500,000. To put these numbers in perspective, if out of 18 million , 750,000 died , means that one out every 24 people was killed. or about 4.2% of the US population. Someone pleas check my math,
  13. I think they will try to play both sides , wait and see who is likely to win and be their best friend.
  14. We have one in every room and use them every day, for most of the year they are sufficient for comfortable sleeping. I agree with Dmaxdan concerning remote controls, We did not get then in ours and we regret it. Now we fight who is going to get up from bed to turn it off or On LOL. I always lose They are easy to install and easy to run electric to them. An electrician would make short work of it. Pictures of the room what is on top of them would help. I have installed dozens in my lifetime and would tell you exactly what to do if you post some pictures. I
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