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  1. No apologies nessacery, No one is more confused over the cluster (deleted) than me , I typed the ("deleted" part myself to save the Mods the trouble LOL) We did the CoE thing when we got back from the US last spring . I will be very happy to see the dreaded CoE tossed in the dustbin of history
  2. The new version of the CoE will be called Thailand Pass, (or something like that) and as far as we know so far, will be handled through a web based portal.
  3. Relax!! I am not calling the cops on you. Yet.
  4. You seem to know a lot about my life. If you don't stop peeking through my window, I will call the cops on you.
  5. As my signature says "I never lie"
  6. I read better. perhaps I need to read beterer . My life was happier before I saw your link . Don't go raining on my parade Grrr.
  7. I looked at that link. Thank you very informative.From that link It seems like the list of countries requiring covid insurance to enter are, Thailand, Thailand and Thailand. and with some modifications Thailand.
  8. It will have to be from a list of qualifying hotels. Of which there will be many. I think all the hotel has to do to quality is . for his staff to be vaccinated, to follow a approved covid cleanliness regiment, and be able to assist on providing the PCR test results.
  9. I dont know of any other countries requiring it. but that not to say there aren't. The fact that other countries might require it, does not make it any less of a scam. I read yesterday's covid results, and out of 10,000 plus cases of covid for the day in Thailand 14 were from other countries, and I am sure some of those 14 were from people who arrived here unvaccinated, maybe from neighboring countries. I would love to see data an how much these covid insurance companies have received in premiums, and how much they have paid out. The Thai government might not get any of
  10. Our final destination being KKC , unless we arrive early in the day, we usually stay the night in BKK anyway, And our travel from the US is so long, we are tired and jetlagged, so the wait for test results is really no problem for us. We are excited to be able to go to our home in Khon Kaen after a short delay, and we look forward to seeing the full list of qualifying countries as we would also like to go to Greece and take care of some business we have neglected with all these covid travel restrictions. I am sure initially there will be some confusion, as there always is. I wish t
  11. I used the term , because it might be a good idea to raise funds , I don't think 500 bht will deter anyone from coming here, But it is the wrong time. Right now because of covid, there are a lot of little and some not so little things , that combined make a big thing, and you don't want that right now if you want to stimulate tourism, In another words, another nail in the coffin. Or death by a thousand cuts.
  12. I want to send a couple of thousand dollars from Thailand to Greece, I am American, but I have funds here in Thailand at Kasikorn bank, Is it posible? and what would be the best way. To transfer funds from the US to Thailand I use Wise Is that possible to use them to transfer funds from Thailand to Greece? . If it is it would probably be the easiest way because I already have an account with them. My sister from the US says to use Paypal. I told her I don't think that's possible. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. I am sure he did not say that, I am sure what ever he said he said it in Thai and the person who wrote this article translated it as such knowing that the (whatever this forum is called now) crowd will get a rise out of it.
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