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  1. I dont even try to ride my bike in this weather. We go to the local pool ,I do a few laps and some water excursuses. Too hot for me to ride the bike, But your Idea of salt water and lemon, with honey . sounds good. I googled it and indeed they said that it is a good combination. Thank you for sharing it,
  2. You still have not answered my initial question . I wonder why? I will answer yours right after you answer mine, Wink Wink Also you seem to have forgotten my comment about your wikipedia source . Do I need to remind you?
  3. Realy? You have no idea what is in a US embassy , yet you know what is in an Iranian embassy I will give you this. If nothing else , you sure are funny. But you failed to unswore my question. "If military personal, and/or spooks are in a US embassy , does that mean that such embassy is a legitimate military target. FYI: " Wikipedia is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit nearly any page and improve articles immediately. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing#:~:text=Wikipedia is a wiki%2C meaning,made Wikipedia better for all.
  4. So the soverntry of a n embassy is conditional to the opinion of the opposition. Would you suppose there are any millinery personal and or spooks in the American embassy? And if so does that make them a legitimate target for a military attack? By the way, could you please provide a link to your source of who was killed in the attack. It seems you forgot to do so.
  5. If I need to explain that then we have nothing to talk about. Read the news . 7 iranians killed. Employees of an embassy are legitimate targets? Are you for reel? The bomb's stopped and asked. "Are you organising terror attacks? " " Why no sir" " " Oh ok carry on" " How about you? Are you organising terror attacks?" " Why no sir" " " Oh ok carry on" "OK !! How about you? Are you organising terror attacks? " " "Well a little bit. ohh crap " " Boom!!" I love these targeted munitions!
  6. Which is why they always fail to attain felony convictions " Simply, if you delete, alter or make a false entry in the business records of an enterprise and you do so with the intent to defraud, you have run afoul of the misdemeanor crime. If when you do so, you also have the intent to further or conceal another criminal offense, then you have committed the felony crime." https://www.new-york-lawyers.org/falsifying-business-records-ny-pl-175-10-and-175-15.html#:~:text=Simply%2C if you delete%2C alter,have committed the felony crime. "he intent to further or conceal another criminal offense" is the operative phrase here,
  7. This is a retaliation to Israel bombing Iran's Sovereign territory and causing the death of it's citizens. Israel was already bombing Hamas.
  8. As id Cohen is the only witness and all the evidence
  9. Why do I even come to this forum and allow this toxicity in my home?
  10. do you think that small border with NATO might be to operative phrase. . If you had a dangerous neighbored, would you want him neighboring 66km ( The Suwałki Gap) or would you want an additional 2,295.04 kilometres to keep an eye on?
  11. By that logic one could make the case that the Romans are the ones to blame. If the Romans had not destroyed Judea initiating the Jewish diaspora ....... But why stop there I am sure Assyrian destruction of Israel had a major part to play. Of course the American indian failure to resist the paleface allowing the creation oh the US who made nuevo Israel posible........
  12. perhaps you need to move to your minor house. What the heck is a "Juristic girl" is the "juristic girl blind" Now you are making s h i t Up. No more booze for you.
  13. Get the Omron Model BP5250, It connects with you smartphone Omron app and keeps an automatic record, with a time and date of the reading, you can even add a note "Hot chick just walked by, subtract 200 points from reading"
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