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  1. Well it's all self inflicted I am afraid. You could say the rot started with Cameron and the country has been mismanaged since he got the job. But the real rot came with the lying conman Johnson and his chums. Unbelievably there are still some blaming everyone else. Brexit is not being mentioned in this election by either of the main parties. I think they know that the people don't want to be reminded of that disaster. Starmer is singing from the Blair playbook and has kicked out anyone left of Centre apart from Rayner who will be his John Prescott. Record number of Tory MPs are standing down (jumping before being pushed) and they are struggling to get candidates to come forward. But don't think that life under the Labour party will be the answer to the mess the Tories have made of the country, they won't!
  2. Well the Tories will be gone in the upcoming election, dead and buried and rightly so. The circus started with Johnson and the lies about Brexit and has continued with more of his incompetent chums from that point on. Let's hope that Labour grasp the metal and start negotiations to re-join the EU as soon as possible. However I don't think that Labour has the where-with-all to run the country properly either. Britain is really up s**tcreek and there isn't a paddle in site. I have always been a Tory voter in the past but now I think they need to be kicked out and start again with some fresh blood. They need some honest brokers and to get rid of the current lot completely!
  3. It's very depressing to see two totally inadequate, pathetic so called politicians vying to run the country. Then I looked across the pond at what the USA has to offer. We are all doomed I tell you, doomed!!!!
  4. However it doesn't stop him running for the Presidency, even from behind bars! And all the stupid people who buy into his bull manure will no doubt still vote for him. It is expected that the verdict will bring forward even more dollars for his campaign. Only in America!
  5. It is all irrelevant. The property was split into several flats and it is reported that she was staying there as an Airbnb. Therefore renting on a short term basis.
  6. I am sure locally there would have been plenty of opportunities if that was his intention
  7. I have renewed my passport in Thailand (Chiang Mai) some fifteen years ago and it was very simple, straightforward and easy to do.
  8. Clearly this is just a PR exercise based on nothing more than a disgruntled young man's so called "experience". Everything he writes about life in London is factual but everyone knows that. There appears to be an overwhelming amount of discontent amongst everyone young and old in the UK at the moment.
  9. The Conservatives are pretty much dead in the water after the last few years of screwing up everything they have touched. Two by-elections on Thursday in what should have been safe Conservative seats and Labour wiped the floor with them. But be clear people were not voting Labour in, they are voting to get rid of this shower of inadequate imbeciles.
  10. It sounds like she did confront the Abbot with the evidence video and he threatened her, demanding she delete it. She defied him and reported it. Don't forget she was going up against a figure of enormous authority and power. Easy to say she should have done this and that but she was up against the system and the fact that the police did nothing about it gives an insight into that. The fact that she had to turn to an "influencer" to try to get listened to speaks volumes about the levels of corruption in Thailand.
  11. I agree. But there is a sea change when it comes to peoples attitude to Brexit. Illegal immigration has soared since Brexit and many of the lies that it was based on have now been exposed. However this is not a discussion about Brexit and my only point here is that I feel that there are far less people this time around who would swallow all the Farage bull<deleted>. In several other countries in Europe there has been a noticeable swing to the right and I think that much of that is over illegal and to some extent, legal immigration. In Britain the government have been on a serious immigration drive to replace many of the EU workers we lost over Brexit. Some of that from Africa and the far east where they are fast tracking nurses for the NHS and social care. They have also ramped up overseas recruitment for the universities which brings in big bucks for them, with foreign students paying far more for their places. This doesn't explain all the increased immigration figures but it should be noted that the vast majority of them are legal immigrants and not coming in small boats. There are certainly headlines (from the looney right wing rags) suggesting a Johnson/Farage dream team but I would be amazed if that ever came to fruition. If it did then surely that would be the final nail in the coffin of the Tories!
  12. Interesting points. It has taken a long time for Labour to dump the likes of Abbot and the Corbynites, but finally they realise that the loony left makes them completely unelectable Now you have Starmer being coached by Blair and Mandelson. But no matter how you dress him up, Starmer is no Blair and cannot really bring the party together. In short Labour still doesn't look like a viable government in waiting, However the Tories have systematically screwed up just about everything they have touched and their credibility has been shot to pieces and they are lying (sic) in ruins. The rot really started with Cameron and his austerity measures but things seriously went downhill when Johnson and his ne'er do wells took the reins. No point in repeating the chaos that followed as it is all well documented and indeed continuing. There is no doubt that Farage will try poaching hard right members of the Conservative party for his Reform Party, unless he actually tries to join the Tory party. Problem with that is that it is likely to weaken the Tory Party more. In fact I think that anything that divides the Party even more will have dire consequences in an election. Sunak has virtually no chance of bringing the party together behind him, far too many loose cannons out there. The plotting and scheming behind closed doors is even more prolific now than in Johnson's day. So we don't know when the election will be called but I doubt it will be soon given the disarray that the government is in. And I have gazed out over the horizon and cannot see any knights in shining armour to come and rescue us all. I expect there will be enough people (reluctantly) to hold their respective noses and vote Labour to get them over the line. As for the turnout? Expectations are not high but people may turn out because we desperately need to get rid of this shower of imbeciles. Time will tell!
  13. Were you there? All you have is an opinion and mine is different to yours.
  14. You think this whole thing was a set up to extract money by making a false claim of rape, involving the police? Whatever makes you happy mate.
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