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  1. For many poorer families in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter) choices are very limited. The motorcycle is often the only form of transport they have and as we know in most of Thailand, bus services are pretty much non existent. Whilst we can all get very stuffy about children riding motorcycles, you only have to get into close proximity with any school in Thailand to find hundreds of young teens (and younger), with two or three other kids on board, weaving their way through traffic trying to get to their classes. Truth is it is the only way they can get there. Of cours
  2. Not correct. 44,370 new cases in the UK and yesterday 223 deaths. Many people being admitted to hospital have already been vaccinated. They are also from all age groups. Booster jabs are being administered as fast as they can and hospitals are reporting that they are struggling already. I very much doubt there will be another lockdown, but compulsory wearing of masks again is very likely.
  3. We have friends who have booked to go Thailand from the UK at Christmas based on them lifting the restrictions, as from 1st November. I did suggest that they just double check with the Thai Embassy in London. When they did this they were told that as far as they know Quarantine was still in place in Thailand. When asked if this applied to people double vaccinated they were told nothing had been decided officially yet and they should check again nearer to their departure date, which is mid December. In other words.....clueless!
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