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  1. Contact info? I think she can be found in 90% of the bars in Pattaya. You can fill in the name yourself
  2. I can tell you the niece has now decided to stay put and bring up her daughter rather than palming her off on other members of the family. She is with husband number three I believe, although I haven't heard from the family for a while so it could be husband number four by now! Of course if your friend is interested then I am sure she can accommodate him as husband number five, or six or whatever number she is up to then. Very attractive girl with that slightly vulnerable innocent look about her. Very good at wrapping men (Farang or Thai) around her little finger. Irony is that
  3. My wife's niece went to Denmark (and South Korea) for a massage company a couple of years ago. They send them with tourist visas that usually last for six months. They seem to be quite well organised for an illegal activity and the girls go willingly. They get a proportion of the money they earn but I am told that most of them do it more for the "extras". Apart from the usual tips they often get gifts and potential husbands. The niece said that if twelve girls went then there were always some that don't return, finding a mug..... I mean lover to take care of them. She had sev
  4. So one question, going forward, would be, When is your double vaccination certificate past it's sell by date? In the UK a third (booster) jab is recommended for the over 50's. I am getting mine shortly. If that is needed then the protection from the original two vaccinations obviously weakens with time. Do I then need a new certificate showing the booster jab has been given, and if so, when?
  5. Two months ago In Mae Sai you could buy Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccine. My friend was offered them at the Pharmacy near the bridge. They had boxes of them. All fake of course and coming directly from China. God knows how many boxes found there way south from there. Now I am sure (like my friend) none of you would fall for this obvious scam, most ex-pats in Thailand are far too savvy for that. But that is not the point. I am sure there are fakes all over the place in the poorer countries with vulnerable people and lax law enforcement. Of course this will influence the UK a
  6. People have different reasons for living in Pattaya. Some have bought property there and are bringing up family and some are there for the decadence. Whatever their reasons, they do understand (I am sure) that Pattaya is a party town rather than a family destination and therefore will attract tourists that reflects that. Tourists come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in Thailand and the ones rushing to Pattaya will likely have a different agenda to those heading up to places like Chiang Mai or Sukhothai. Horses for courses, as they say!
  7. I guess they look at what were the rising tourist markets in Pattaya before the pandemic. Putting the Chinese to one side, the Indians were certainly making up a good proportion of new tourists as they are in many parts of the world now. It's all about new money and the Indians and Chinese are at the forefront of that. Russian tourists in Pattaya also have a strong presence and have done for some time. So I think there is sense in the PBTA's plans.
  8. Sorry for late reply, been busy counting my money! Well I was a millionaire by the age of 40 but not in sterling, or USA dollars, come to that. And even then it was only on value of business and assets so it doesn't count for much in the great scheme of things. However I can say that my life (so far) has been very rich in many ways
  9. I take your point but "taking China out of the equation" is not optional anymore as they represent the vast majority of tourism in Thailand now. The other growing market is India. I think that the western tourists are pretty irrelevant for the next year or two and will never make up to the numbers they used to. Apart from the gap year travelers of course. Thailand is always hard wired into their itineraries!
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