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  1. I have been doing business in China for since the early 90's and I can confidently say (), that the majority of Chinese citizens consider the Chinese to be superior to most (if not all) other races. Whilst we are welcomed with open arms for the trade we bring them, that is as far as it goes. And yes, Thai's also look down on many foreigners, especially the older population. Then again who are we, as westerners to point the finger when it comes to racism.
  2. Thailand is still an easy call for most Europeans when it comes to vacations. The more adventurous will head for other South east Asian destinations but anyone with younger kids may think twice about that. If you go into any pub in the UK and say "Anyone here been to Thailand?" , at least 50% of the people will raise their hands. It's a safe bet for most people who will put up with the long flights. And Thailand has always been a good starting point for long haul travelers. Cheap flights and a good infrastructure with hotels coming in all budgets with different levels of comfo
  3. It's always about the money. However now the news is that they will open up to 27 countries including New Zealand, Macao and China!
  4. There was a news report on the BBC about Thailand re-opening to ten "safe" countries on November 1st. They included Britain and the USA which raised an eyebrow or two! Clearly the Thai authorities are desperate for tourist dollars at any cost.
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