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  1. no, they can't use mobile banking, this solves nothing
  2. riding around on noisy motorbikes - not something a Thai would do is it pesky foreigners
  3. this guy is a straight shooter they have intimated him, shot at him, now nonsense claims he's somehow involved in gambling rackets, total BS IMO, he is fighting everything corrupt in Thailand - brave man and a fight he is unlikely to win unless he gets the support of the Thai people - he needs to have a discussion with Pita - then maybe there could be a .............................
  4. Thailand Post is getting worse, 2 items properly addressed and tracked to pattaya then nothing went to the office after waiting 5 days and found them in a box on the floor, I asked the guy why not deliver to my condo - he thought is was funny, I get stuff all the time from lazada never an issue, ever wonder why lazada don't use Thailand post ? the cannot be relied upon to deliver parcels especially to foreigners, I believe they are avoiding delivery on purpose hoping nobody will collect - then it disappears
  5. I just got the biggest electric bill ever in Thailand BT3,500, my bill is usually around BT2000, I use 1 aircon unit which was resenty renewed to inverter type, it was fine for the first few months sub Bt2000 but the last 2 months has seen a huge increase, the old unit never produced a bill like this never ever above Bt2500 in hot weather, I run ot at 28/9 deg, I actually think the unit has developed a fault
  6. Thailand really is lost, the hub of poor choices when you don't know what to do - do nothing
  7. when cruising it doesn't have be restrictive or tight just enough to stop you leaving the seat, hardly noticeable you have it buckled very strange the pilots were not aware of impending turbulence and turned the seatbelt sign on !!!
  8. attempted murder charges to follow
  9. the guy lost it, I don't see a lot of damage that a quick tidy will sort out he needs to stay off the weed it can cause serious mental episodes like this : )
  10. Thailand over thinking themselves as usual
  11. you made my point, well done it is going backwards or certainly has not improved, the authorities claim hubs on hubs and more hubs, this is lip service, Thailand is a failed country on so many levels and yet so much potential, they pretend to support democracy, an overwhelming majority of Thai people voted for MFP Thai people need to get a backbone and not put up with this any longer - your vote has to count
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