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  1. The pickup truck driver, Mr. Prawit Thongtanom, 24, told TPN media, “My girlfriend and I were heading back home from the Pattaya Firework Festival. The motorbike driver immediately crossed in front of my truck and I was unable to stop.” Mr. Prawit was not injured in the accident. Police are checking Cctv footage nearby to find the exact cause of the accident for potential legal action, however, no charges were immediately placed on Mr. Prawit. 1:30am - the driver of the pickup must have taken a very long detour, I hope he was tested for alcohol
  2. and is Thailand going ban these and the rest ? what about India and China I guess we will have to wait and see how this developes, this new variant could see the end of covid 19 or a new deadly beggining lets hope its not the latter
  3. yes it (Omicron) is spreading fast and might be a big problem as early indications are that current vaccines offer little protection and it is more infectious than Delta But if it proves to be less harmful it could be the end of SARS CV 2 but it could also go the other way and then we are in big trouble I would bet money it is already in Thailand
  4. That new dangerous variant was also detected in HK
  5. so spend a pile of money to stay shut and no chatting allowed
  6. wonderful pics - only one thing wrong Pattaya bay is a health hazzard and it doesn't and will not ever look like that I have lived here a long time and never put as muchas a toe in that water - unless they are going to import clean blue pure healthy water lol - all this monstrosity will do is pump more ## into the bay One thing they do in the west is test water quality on beaches - if a beach doesn't meet certain standards it gets a health warning advising people not to swim in the water ...........................ahem
  7. I just watched the most pathetic thing I have ever experienced in Thailand (Pattaya) the few people who have come here for holiday seeing flashing police lights at treetown and them running around like headless chickens to avoid being arrested - is that the really the sort of impression Thailand wants to put on display, if I had travelled thousands of miles to come here on holiday I would not expect to be treated like this My guess is - a lot of those few that travelled here are now regretting it - a good reputation takes a long time to build and it can be gone in a he
  8. because these fools have no idea how to come up with a simple solution
  9. nothing to say but this everybody knows exactly who is to blame
  10. are they having a laugh what do you think all the ladies are doing on soi buakow every night lined along the street - are they waiting for a bus
  11. TPN media notes, however, that the exact number of cases or timelines were not given and that the event was almost two weeks ago at this point. The announcement, however, was only made today. what's the chance they were already infected or got infected while travelling to or from the event - it is highly unlikely they got infected outside in the open air on the beach The information being given here is rather lacking to say the least Also considering that Pattaya numbers have been on a steady decline would indicate that this was brought into Pattaya f
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