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  1. slower than I predicted in an earlier post, just shows the level of competence
  2. since when ? maybe when foreign vaccine suppliers made it a condition or they would not supply vaccines to Thailand
  3. as I keep saying - I would rather buy a test kit that told me if I had already had the virus - I don't need a test kit to tell if I have it
  4. largely based on what we see from countries that actually produce accurate data - the data is published and readily available - apply that profile to Thailand and there is very obviously something wrong
  5. I don't want any vaccine as they are relatively untested and new and generally experimental, but if I do take that risk (which I will) I want to make sure that it is one that offers me good protection - IMO sinovac does not offer me that.
  6. offset 100/1 by the recent mass exodus of foreigers that decided it was no longer prudent to remain in Thailand ( I personally know of 7) plus add to that the massive reduced spending due to restrictions recently imposed makes BT400m is pocket change
  7. is Thailand only Bangkok, thanks to this government the virus has spread far and wide, it is not the Bangkok virus
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