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  1. One day at the old Bangkok train station on the platform a Thai guy was sleeping on a bench with his case on the next seat. there were no spare seats on the whole platform so I asked him in Thai to excuse me, he never heard so I moved his case off the seat and sat down, he then woke up and started shouting at me obviously in Thai so I just looked at him and laughed.
  2. No, if there was the duty free shops would soon be out of business, come to think of it, is Swampy's duty free not being stopped or something like that?
  3. You would need plenty of money and take the chance that the insurance company does not up your cost dramatically or even just stop your insurance when you get to seventy.
  4. Yes as long as you have plenty of resources, and in most cases not of retirement age as you may then have to choose between eating and heating your home.
  5. Even allowing for that Thailand is still a far better place to live than the UK.
  6. Never take anything an IO tells you as gospel, their staff change all the time and the next IO may tell you something different.
  7. I remember from between about 2018 up until the Chinese virus started that whenever I was in Bangkok I noticed a lot less westerners in the streets, there were a few small adjustments to the law rather than any crackdowns which affected a lot of westerners negatively due to the soldiers government and lots of reports about foreigners leaving.
  8. "Some entire streets of tourist areas were literally boarded-up after past "crackdowns" (this was long before covid)." That's right, and who was responsible for these crackdowns? It was the soldiers led by General Cha Cha who stole the country in an illegal coup.
  9. If you use the reliable well known agents like Manereet or the Wishing Well one in Soi Backawo you won't have a problem.
  10. Anyone drunk driving AN member or not, I hope they get caught, heavily fined and jailed. Are you listening bob?
  11. I bought two about 4 years ago and NO they do not work, they came from America, so maybe any bought in Thailand will work.
  12. And have not put the former unelected soldier PM who led an illegal coup in 2014 into prison.
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