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  1. I never saw it any different anyway....meaning every marriage visa renewal was basically the whole ordeal again...same papers...same map to my house...same pics of us... Marriage Certificate, Marriage Registry entry, Wife's Tabbien Baan and ID Card, home visit (usually) yada yada yada
  2. I do not know but when I got it I asked if I need to renew & they told me it was good for life. But TIT right? 😉 So anything could be possible.
  3. I actually have a tax ID but only because years ago when Thai banks were giving 4% on savings I got taxed & was then allowed to reclaim it at the end of year. (Which was quite easy) But this new deal we have a wait & watch attitude. We are retired but if we sell property elsewhere in the world there is a snowballs chance in hell that we would agree to pay taxes on that in Thailand just because we brought money in to use IN THAILAND. That in itself is a benefit to Thailand & if they don't see it that way then of course we do not have to bring it in & spend it. We surely wouldn't give them 15-30% off the top of it! That would be Nuts 😉 They have no rights to monies we receive in other countries thru years of investment
  4. Wonder how the USA would react if say Hawaii or Alaska declared they were a sovereign entity & say Russia or China provided them with defensive means?
  5. Thank you Sheryl for your updated info much appreciated. This is tough to take as my wife & I have been considering moving back to Thailand as we left in 2017 I am 67 & 68 this year. I know better than to be uninsured even though I am in good health/shape But yes seeing these prices does make us pause. I of course prefer International policy given the track record of Thai insurers. Now seeing your prices I have given them a second look on https://checkdi.com/th/health/main?lg=en I wonder about AXA, Pacific Cross & LMG policies. But again bad track records for Thai insurers when push comes to shove 🙄
  6. This is why Casino's make you buy chips.....If you had to keep reaching for another $20 you wouldn't keep betting. But little colored chips? No Problem 😉
  7. Hopefully more info on this.. But I'm sure anything is possible with weather
  8. True at this time better rates in other countries. But 2012-2014 Thai banks were quite good. Especially Bank of Ayudhya Mee Tae Dai savings accounts. But yeah right now money needs to be elsewhere 😉 Capital One is 4.25% which is about what Ayudhya was back then
  9. Personally I hope all of this is a storm in a teacup & the tax law is only to close the loophole that Thai's working abroad was using to bring home older than 1 year pay tax free but................ As for the benefit that many mention of giving X amount to a Thai wife & it not being taxed I wonder would that not be considered goodwill & therefore subject to taxation under wife's name as income? Or did you mean a married couple have better taxation rates? Above Quoted from this article https://www.aseanbriefing.com/news/taxation-of-foreign-sourced-income-in-thailand-begins-in-2024/ I do agree idea #3 should be fine 🤔
  10. Sorry no idea about price in Thailand but these days it is unlikely to be a 24hr monitor. Instead they now use these mini monitors that you leave on even to shower & they like to gather 14 days of data Which is really much better as often a 24 hour may not even show a problem. Not to mention the old holters were big bulky affairs This new type is nice as it monitors the whole time & also has a button on it so if you detect an event yourself you can press it & it marks that time frame for those who later review the whole recording In the USA when I had the long 14 day monitoring version (I have had both types 😉 ) the report is generated by Boston Scientific & is quite interesting to pour over. Of course they send it to your cardiologist first 😉 I'm sure Thailand has something similar.....Good Luck https://www.cdx.bostonscientific.com/us/en/patients/cardiac-monitor.html
  11. Actually you would just need proof of the 12 incoming transfers of at least 40k baht. You do not need to keep the funds in the bank until you have 12 month evidence...(If that is what your saying?) AFAIK it has not requirements to be held like the 400k for X amount of time.... just that you transfer in each month for living
  12. Maybe right off the bat stop all the handouts of billions per year to other countries Like Ukraine & Israel in weaponry & financial aid at the expense of taxpayers. Let the USA support those that have paid all their life first...Their citizens https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/countries-that-receive-the-most-foreign-aid-from-the-u-s
  13. Translation.....Silver Van driver called police first with an offer
  14. This Youtuber "Greeny" just did a couple on parts of VN I never knew about...quite nice actually
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