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  1. You know you're old when .......you're the only one who remembers when Steve Martin was funny. (and can remember the real greats Peter Sellers and Phil Silvers)
  2. from 'BobinBKK': 'With knowledge comes power, and that's the LAST THING ON EARTH "the powers that be" want. The objective here is to keep the peasants stupid therefore there will be no challenge. Can you imagine if the peasants could think for themselves and didn't "listen and obey"?' I agree, Bob. 'Twas ever thus, in the short time that any significant education has been provided for the world's poor. It may forever stay the same. And not just for the underprivileged. The leading philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky says: "Most education is training for St
  3. When you start to wax nostalgically about Watney's Red Barrel and say that modern day smokes are not a nicotine patch on Anchor, Gold Flake, Woodbines, Park Drive, Strand and Turf. And most importantly of all, when you bang on about why Wagon Wheels are now so tiny? When I was a kid. they really were wagon wheels! (Well, OK, bit of poetic licence there!) And where are the Scribona jam and lemon curd tarts? And when Coronavirus was what you caught drinking out of your naughty girlfriend's lemonade bottle.
  4. re 'possum1931' Hello possum! (OMG I'm sounding like Dame Edna Everage! - although I look more like Sir Les Patterson) Sinatra, like Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Dick Haymes etc. of that period, was basically a 'crooner'. Today they sound very bland but that was the popular style up to around 1960. 'The Perry Como Show' was tremendously popular on UK TV. Michael Holiday, Dennis Lotus and Dickie Valentine were popular British crooners. Then it changed - pre-Beatles. More and more, Country, Blues and Jazz influenced popular song in the USA. Elvis and Roy, as you k
  5. When you have to sit down to put on your socks. When your short term friend looks down and says "Finished? Is that all?" When you need three hands to undo her bra (and you need the bra more than she does)' When you tell her you prefer a Yul Brynner 'hairstyle' (!) and she doesn't know who the hell you're talking about. When you have to put on your granny glasses to read her tattoos. When you get your feet caught in your braces and can't stand up. When you leave without paying her and she chases you down the street - HURRAH
  6. At age 75 I 'race' down the stairs at 06.00 to let the dogs out. Next thing (even before emptying their poo poo tray) is to make a cup of TEA. I couldn't survive the day without fairly copious amounts of the stuff. Twinings (of course!) - the divine Lady Grey, English Breakfast and Earl Grey - and PG Tips Extra Strong courtesy of M and S in Central Festival CM. Dilmah tea is pretty good and cheap. Lipton's I don't like. On my increasingly frequent visits to BKK Hospital in CM, I pig out on a Ham and Cheese Baguette or a Tuna Ciabatta with a cup of rather mysterious Twin
  7. Sorry! I see now that Airwallex is just for business transfers, not transfers by private individuals.
  8. I have concerns about the future of banks in the UK and Thailand, but I'm on the verge of giving up the UK altogether; that is, my Halifax Bank Current Account and my money deposited in Hargreaves Lansdown in Bristol. It's the transfer from Hargreaves Lansdown that I'm concerned about. (I have not much in the Halifax and I bank online with them anyway). I do have about 125,000 pounds deposited with HL. My questions are: 1. What is the BEST way to transfer this money to my SCB account in Lamphun? For instance, Is this with BACS, CHAPS (or are these for internal UK
  9. From July 6th 'The elderly could receive an 8 per cent rise in the state pension to £194 a week next spring if earnings growth increases as expected in the next few months, according to the UK's official forecaster. An 8 per cent increase would lift the annual payout to older people on the full flat rate state pension to nearly £10,100. It would increase the old basic state pension - not including second state pension or SERPS that people built up on top - to nearly £149 a week or around £7,750 a year. The Prime Minister's official spokesman said
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