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  1. Try to find a manual Z4 E89 3l.. Hell would even take an E85 if manual.. For a toy currently building an E30 coupe fake M3.. Scoping around for a good engine package..
  2. That was always prior to departure from first connecting flight.. To take a PCR test, get the results, and travel long haul is going to make that quite a challenge for some folks..
  3. Does the first lien principal hold here ? I remember the case of an expat who had a setup with his wife, all nice and strong.. Wife had a vehicle accident and was deemed negligent and that invalidated the insurance.. That then had a death penalty that came at the house as an asset to be forfeited.. Eventually of course the guy ended up forking out multi million cash to retain his own home, through nothing other than a vehicle accident. Would a mortgage protect in that event ?? Like not in a marriage as I believe a husband and wife can be legally attacked as one ??
  4. Its hardly visitors who are being 'kind of stupid' when no one knows how to book for arrivals in 11 days time..
  5. Elite performance items.. meaning top tier tuner cars, and the lambo / McLaren / supercar set.. Both elite performance cars and real classics have absolutely exploded in price in the last few years.
  6. Phuket.. Give us the vaccines first.. Give us 3rd booster shots while others wait for first shots.. Give us the right to sell alcohol in restaurants.. Give us the right to open nightlife and bars and call them restaurants.. Give us a green / yellow status while we have far more per population cases, hospitalizations, and deaths than red provinces. Give us a captive Sandbox market that no one else can access.. Also Phuket.. multiple deaths many days.. September was 3x the death rate of May to August... Phuket seems to want an awful lot, at the expense of other pro
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