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  1. Ok they are classed as in-activated virus but they are totally different from Mrna vaccines.
  2. My own thoughts are after two AZ I might try if really needed a J&J as both AZ and J&J are deactivated virus types. I'll read what I can over the next few months and decide then.
  3. Something never thought of anywhere in the world like concrete drainaige channels with walkways over them. Those would be a first anywhere. Where's the sarcasm button??
  4. I got the same result with my wife when we bought a water bed.
  5. You can go to any Immigration office with lots of others without being 'shot' at all. Don't think they have a dinner menu though.
  6. On the back of the form it has a part saying 'must attend in person unless disabled'. Anyone got any idea how disabled you have to be for non-attendance?
  7. Doctor Spooner was once pilloried. To say he was stocked and shunned was the only way to describe it.
  8. Perhaps because it was first time there after moving they did want two copies of everything.
  9. Info' When you turn into the Imm' complex there is a blue painted lane, easy to follow, with a large 'B' in blue and white painted on the road surface. At the carpark entrance ask the guard for 'disabled parkjng'. My wife pointed out the wheel chair in the back and he directed us to level 2. It has 3 or 4 designated bays next to the main door. The guard there was helpful in getting us parked and lifted the chair out the back. From there it's easy access through to the main area for process.
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