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  1. I probably mixed up it up with 90 day reports.
  2. Thought Covid extensions were done at Muang Thon Thani not Chang Wattana.
  3. Should add we are/will be double vaxxed. My 2nd 8 days before planned date of visit (AZ). My wife 2 Sinovac 2nd a month ago.
  4. Travelling to Trat from Bangkok. 2 x Astrazenica required. 14 day period. Does the 14 day start from date of first or second injection?
  5. A quick look up and down to guesstimate what you can afford or how 'scruffy' you look and off you go to nice room or cardboard bed heaven, maybe.
  6. I wore those in the north of Canada and got to admit when you had to go in minus 20C they were a good idea.
  7. Just think, an hour earlier they could have saved his/her (just to stay on topic) other three legs.
  8. Do you think I'm as stupid as most who would believe it's real. Stop taking yourself so seriously, no-one else does.
  9. The whole load of ideas that their is some great bearded being in the sky who is in charge of everything and can see and hear all the people on the planet (at the same time). Have you ever seen any of the great master pieces of adam and eve? Look closely and you'll see they've got belly buttons. Think about that for as long as you like.
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